We were thrilled to get this message on our Facebook Page:

rhode island phototgraphy book

So, of course, we had to head out to buy ourselves a copy of 101 Things to Do In Rhode Island!

We found ourselves on page 28 of the book and listed as No. 9 on the list.

No 9. Dig into a beloved Rhode Island tradition, a classic old-fashioned New England clambake.

rhode island clambake

“New England is known for a lot of things, but some of the most endearing to the locals here are summertime clambakes. Prepare your feast in an open beach pit (where permitted) or steam your meal in a giant stainless-steel pot.  Make sure to have plenty of lobster, mussels, steamers, quahogs, red bliss potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, and fresh seaweed to help with the steaming.  

You can do it all yourself, or call B&M Catering and they’ll set it up for you!”

things to do in rhode island

101 Things To Do In Rhode Island

Size: 10″ x 7″

303 Color Photos / 176 Pages

Hard Cover $29.99

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5138-9

Gary J. Sikorski is a freelance photographer who has worked in the tourist-related industry on Martha’s Vineyard for several decades. He has photographed virtually every country in Western Europe, and parts of South America, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii. 

Listen to Gary talk about his work on The Rhode Show.

We are honored to be included in a wonderful book – about our wonderful state.

Rhode Island Proud!