As you may be aware, from perusing our web site, we provide catering for many types of fun outdoor events.  Something you may not know, however, is that we also cater regularly for corporate and public institutions around New England.  For example, we now manage daily lunch programs for Charter Schools and Head Start programs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  We are also an approved vendor for the state of Massachusetts, which simplifies the hiring and invoicing process for the various departments throughout the state.

In the last month alone, we’ve catered breakfasts and barbecues for groups at UMass Boston, several dinners for the Rhode Island National Guard, on-site meals for construction companies, tailgates and student events at Brown, Yale, P C, Holy Cross & URI, and thousands and thousands of cups of cocoa for kids on the Polar Express.

So……if there is something you need catered for your school or business,  or a customer you’d like us to deliver a meal to for you, just say the word.  We’re always more than happy to help out.

               Brian & Mickey