memorial day bbq

The tried and true tradition of Memorial Day weekend kicking off the summer season is in our sights! Families and friends join together and usher in the welcomed, warmer months with fresh off the grill foods like burgers and hot dogs.
But, with a few helpful tips, you can prepare some options that will leave your guests impressed! 

BBQ Entrées!

Deciding on your main entrée is always first in line, and an essential component of your BBQ as side dishes are often determined by the entrée! If you’re unsure how to prepare something EXTRA tasty, then consider calling in a catering company that can prepare the food for you (B&M has some incredible BBQ options!).
If you feel ambitious and ready to grill, ribs with a smoky sauce or chicken wings wrapped with bacon can serve as some great entrée options!

An Unexpected Appetizer!

A yummy fruit lime salsa is a light dish that guests can enjoy before the main meal. Serve it up with tortilla chips or thin slices of cucumber for an even healthier option.
Refreshing salads with kale or lettuce, watermelon cubes, or other fruits are another great option too! 

Side Dishes!

Side dishes are the winning factor in taking your Memorial Day BBQ to the next level.
You can mix it up with offerings like roasted sweet potatoes or BBQ sides like baked beans with small pieces of grilled bacon mixed in.  
(Hint: If you have vegetarians in your circle, place the bacon bits on the side, and make sure to purchase vegetarian baked beans). 
Want to kick up your corn on the cob by a notch? Grill it and offer a peach glaze!

Don’t Forget Dessert!

No celebration is complete without a sweet treat! Want to make it a bit patriotic? Vanilla ice cream with red and blue sprinkles! And if you are having your BBQ catered, B&M offers dessert options to round out a perfect catered gathering!

We invite you to check out both our full-service catering menus online and our shipped clambakes for delicious options for any outdoor (or indoor) celebration. Contact us with your questions, as we are always happy to provide a quote and work with our customers to meet their needs!