Congratulations to Kaitlyn H. from Halifax, MA. 

She is this month’s winner of the Facebook Fan-of-the-Month Beach Blanket.

blue blanket - B&M Caterering
We are all optimistic that spring is right around the corner here in New England. That wil mean outdoor fun times begin again. From Boston to Hartford and Worcester to Cape Cod, our Fresh Lobster beach blankets are sure to show up at all the fun events: family reunions, neighborhood block parties and sports fields !! These unique blankets are unusually large, so if you are starting to get chilly on that baseball or softball field, you can use it to wrap yourself in for warmth. They are nice and bright, too, just the right accessory to bring to any festive event.

This month’s random terry cloth fact: There are two types of terry fabrics.  Towel terry is a woven fabric with long loops that can absorb large amounts of water.  It is usually 100% cotton.  French Terry is a fabric often used in clothing.  One side is flat while the other side has cross loops.  It may also be 100% cotton or may contain polyester with lycra.  

Every month we choose a new Facebook Fan to enjoy a “The Fresh Lobster” Beach Blanket.

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