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The Messiness Factor

  • Posted on: 26 December 2012
  • By: Brian and Mick

Recently, a customer called us to find out more information about how B&M Catering handles a clambake wedding. Melissa thought that she would like to have a fun, informal clambake-style wedding.  Her concern, however, was whether the lobsters would end up making a big mess for everyone at the wedding.

This may actually be one of our most frequently asked questions.  Naturally, folks are concerned about the work and mess involved with cracking open lobsters while dressed in their nice outfits.  

No worries, here, though.

B&M Catering takes the messiness factor out of our clambakes.

First off, we always steam our lobsters.  

steaming lobsters

The secret to a successful clambake is in the steaming. We have found that steaming is less messy and safer than boiling. It cooks the lobsters more gently and that makes the meat more tender.   Steaming results in a lobster without all the extra water inside of its shell.


Then, our experienced clambake servers will crack and drain each and every lobster before placing it on the guest's plate.  

In this way, we can insure that every guest has a perfect lobster dinner, without having to wear it home.

But don't worry.  We'll still bring along the traditional lobster bibs !

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  • Posted on: 21 December 2012
  • By: Brian and Mick

We wanted to recognize a local charity group doing great work in our community.

For over 100 years, Mansfield’s West Side Benevolent Circle has been helping Mansfield families in need.  Throughout the year, the Benevolent Circle helps local folks get back on their feet after experiencing some setbacks.  People often come to the West Side for help with rent, electric bills, heating and more. Though West Side is active throughout the year, Christmastime is by far the busiest time of year

West Side Delivery, Mansfield MA

West Side’s "Christmas is for Kids" is an annual fundraising drive that has brought smiles to many families who would otherwise not have a very merry Christmas. The families’ requests are ordinarily listed in the local newspapers, with the families just identified by number. 

The West Side volunteers don’t have a permanent home for the donations, so the collection spot is different every year — where they have lay out boxes for each family in need. As donations come in, the volunteers place them in boxes to try to complete a family’s wish list.

                           B&M Catering Truck loading toys

Last week, B&M Catering sent one of our trucks and a couple of helpers over to its local collection center to help pack up the loads and loads of toys and gifts that were to be delivered to the Robinson School in Mansfield. It was incredibly touching to see how many donations had been collected and how many volunteers there were on hand to help load and distribute the boxes.  B&M Catering was honored to have been able to help in this community effort

A Casual Backyard Wedding Clambake

  • Posted on: 15 December 2012
  • By: Brian and Mick

On a beautiful day this past summer, Jamie and Mike had the pleasure of serving up a good old fashioned clambake for a backyard wedding celebration. Grace and Matt opted for a casual and fun event in Jerusalem, Rhode Island. Their guests enjoyed a beach-side feast of lobsters, steamers, corn-on-the-cob and much more

Whether you’re looking for a formal sitdown dinner with linens, fine china and glassware, or a casual feast with a more laidback atmosphere, B&M can help.

From Classic Clambakes to our elaborate This Ain't Yo Mama's Traditional Wedding Menu or even simple Barbecues, Brian and Mickey will help you make your wedding the memorable day it should be....... a true reflection of you and your unique style. 

B&M Catering has a plan for every style.  We will work with you to design a menu that fits your taste and your budget.  If you would care to talk in person or taste our cookin', just let us know.   

Many thanks to Justine Johnson Photography for sending along these beautiful photos of our crew in action and of course, of our food.

Clambake to Travel - a Great Gift Idea

  • Posted on: 14 December 2012
  • By: Brian and Mick

Still trying to think of a unique gift for the holidays?

Clambake for Christmas

     How about a Gift Certificate for a Clambake-to-Travel ?

     Real Simple Magazine even rated our Clambakes-to-Travel as a top gift idea! 

     Your lucky friend or family member will recieve these favorite seafood choices: lobsters, steamers  & mussels. There is a generous helping of chourico, as well.  The reusable pot also contains: corn on the cob, red bliss potatoes & onions all packed in rock weed. One pot can hold up to eight full meals.

You simply add water or beer and put it on the stove top (camp stove, camp fire, etc.). In about 20 minutes you've got a ready to eat Traditional Old Fashioned Clambake. You can buy a meal for one, or for as many as you like.

Give us a call to order a gift certificate - or you may decide to order online.

This is a gift idea that is sure to be on the list of 'best-evers'. 

Just ask Thor - he loved our Clambake-to-Travel.

Thor and a Clambake to Travel

The Fresh Lobster Visits the Equator !

  • Posted on: 11 December 2012
  • By: Brian and Mick

From Boston, to Ecuador, to Australia, and back - The Fresh Lobster gets around! Always on the search for that perfect clambake, barbecue or pig roast!

Here you see our little friend where he was spotted in Ecuador, reclining on the equator.

TFL Ecuador

He also visited the Galapagos Islands, and is now considering them for his retirement years.  

Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!! 

If you are planning a trip, let us know.  We would love to send The Fresh Lobster along to accompany you.  It could be kind of fun, and we'd love more pictures !!  Drop us an Email and let us know where to send your Fresh Lobster friend.  If your picture is chosen as the photo of the month, we will send you a Fresh Lobster T- Shirt.