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Willing to Listen

  • Posted on: 25 May 2021
  • By: Brian and Mick


We love our wedding couples.  

Here's a recent review we received on The Knot from Alisa

"Flavorable, Budget Friendly, Professional, Don't Hesitate!!!

They were AMAZING! We were unable to have a tasting due to Covid, so we were a bit nervous, but our venue recommended them and we had heard good things.

They were more than willing to listen to and work with our budget and go with the food we wanted.

They also worked with us on table cloths and everyone working for them was so personable! (I constantly am craving that pulled pork and mac and cheese since the wedding) The buffet style went so well and they wouldn't even let us walk because of my dress and brought the food to us!

They were just all so sweet and professional, they answered all questions for us throughout, and made sure to stay in contact.

We could not be any happier and would not hesitate choosing them again for an event.

We were so happy!!!"


This family and their guests enjoyed a custom menu of BBQ chicken, pulled pork, macaroni & cheese, cornbread, and salad.

The wedding was held last month at the beautiful Arrowhead Acres venue. Arrowhead Acres is a sprawling country casual venue for weddings, banquets, and group outings, with a choice of indoor and outdoor sites to suit your needs. Whether your event is formal or recreational, indoor or outdoor, you'll find just the right combination of facilities and amenities for your special event. 

Are you planning your wedding?  You must have a lot of questions, we are happy to guide you.

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BBQ Meal Planning for Memorial Day Celebrations!

  • Posted on: 6 May 2021
  • By: Brian and Mick

Memorial Day barbecue and catering

The tried and true tradition of Memorial Day weekend kicking off the summer season is in our sights! Families and friends join together and usher in the welcomed, warmer months with fresh off the grill foods like burgers and hot dogs. But, with a few helpful tips, you can prepare some options that will leave your guests impressed! 

BBQ Entrées!

Deciding on your main entrée is always first in line, and an essential component of your BBQ as side dishes are often determined by the entrée! If you’re unsure how to prepare something EXTRA tasty, then consider calling in a catering company that can prepare the food for you (B&M has some incredible BBQ options!). If you feel ambitious and ready to grill, ribs with a smoky sauce or chicken wings wrapped with bacon can serve as some great entrée options!

An Unexpected Appetizer!

A yummy fruit lime salsa is a light dish that guests can enjoy before the main meal. Serve it up with tortilla chips or thin slices of cucumber for an even healthier option. Refreshing salads with kale or lettuce, watermelon cubes, or other fruits are another great option too! 

Side Dishes!

Side dishes are the winning factor in taking your Memorial Day BBQ to the next level. You can mix it up with offerings like roasted sweet potatoes or BBQ sides like baked beans with small pieces of grilled bacon mixed in.  (Hint: If you have vegetarians in your circle, place the bacon bits on the side, and make sure to purchase vegetarian baked beans). Want to kick up your corn on the cob by a notch? Grill it and offer a peach glaze!

Don’t Forget Dessert!

No celebration is complete without a sweet treat! Want to make it a bit patriotic? Vanilla ice cream with red and blue sprinkles! And if you are having your BBQ catered, B&M offers dessert options to round out a perfect catered gathering!

We invite you to check out both our full-service catering menus online and our curbside menus for delicious options for any outdoor (or indoor) celebration. Contact us with your questions, as we are always happy to provide a quote and work with our customers to meet their needs!


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National Apple Pie Day

  • Posted on: 1 May 2021
  • By: Brian and Mick

apple pie and New England catering

On May 13th, America’s favorite dessert, apple pie, is observed annually as National Apple Pie Day! We thought it would be fun to share a little history of how apple pie made its way into our hearts and stomachs!

 In 1381, the very first apple pie recipe was printed in England. Ingredients listed officially included: good apples, good spices, figs, raisins, pears, saffron, and cofyn (a pastry crust casing).

Classic Dutch apple pie recipes date back to the middle ages, but Americans have long waxed poetic about how apple pie is classically American. A little-known fact, the phrase “as American as apple pie” has existed for more than 100 years!

World War II soldiers were often quoted as saying they were fighting “for Mom and apple pie.” And in 1970, even advertisers hopped on the apple pie ban wagon, using the patriotic connection with a commercial jingle “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.”

Observe #NationalApplePieDay!

 You can observe National Apple Pie Day in lots of delicious ways! Share your favorite recipe with others online (use the #NationalApplePieDay on social media!) or whip one up at home. Baking, not your thing? B&M Catering is happy to help you celebrate with our Apple Crisp version offered as part of our curbside catering dessert options! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this delightful lesson on the history of apple pie! As always, if you have any questions regarding our full-service catering, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Join Our Team

  • Posted on: 17 April 2021
  • By: Brian and Mick

join our team

We are a Full Service Catering Company based in RI looking for an Catering Administrative Assistant. We are gearing up for a VERY busy season and need a candidate suited to a fast paced environment.

This position involves completing Administrative tasks including but not limited to data entry, billing, drawing up contracts and proposal, fielding phone calls and answering client questions. Hours would start as 9a-5p and may shift an hour either way during peak season.

Training would begin as soon as possible.

Ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

- Strong communication skills
- Ability to prioritize multiple tasks
- Organizational skills in a fast paced environment
- Attention to detail
- Customer service skills
- A strong grasp of Microsoft Excel
- Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and QuickBooks
- Previous catering experience is a plus, but not required
- Associate’s degree in a related field is preferred but not required

This position is Full Time.

This position involves completing administrative tasks including but not limited to data entry, billing, filing, fielding phone calls and generally helping customers place orders and plan events. Hours would start as 9a-5p and may shift an hour either way during peak season.

Final compensation will commensurate with experience.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $18.00 - $22.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:
All customers are required to wear masks, Curbside Pick Up is available, regular use surfaces are sanitized regularly.

Serious inquiries only email

Get Ready To Grill!

  • Posted on: 15 April 2021
  • By: Brian and Mick

catering bbq grill


Warm weather is nearly here, which means it is time to dust off those grills as we prepare for another grilling season! 


Grilling is a spring and summer staple in the Northeast — and yet making the most of this outdoor appliance's potential can feel intimidating. That's why we want to share three super helpful tips to observe as your prepare to break out your backyard BBQ and suit up for another "let's get ready to grill" season! 


Tip #1: Some Like It Hot

We know enough to preheat an oven, but preheating a grill is just as important! Placing meat on your grill too soon, before the grates are hot enough, can change the flavor of whatever it is you are cooking — and not in a good way. If you are working with a charcoal grill, you'll want to look for a thin gray coat of ash on the coals before grilling. If you have a gas grill, consider preheating on high, which can take approximately 10-15 minutes. When it comes to preheating your grill, whether it is charcoal or gas, patience is a virtue, but it's worth the wait.


Tip #2: Get Versatile with Vegetables

Grilling isn't just for meat-eaters! If you are strictly a vegetable lover, grills can work some serious magic when it comes to cooking up your favorite veggies. Grilling vegetables enhances the flavor in a way that other forms of cooking cannot. The best part? It's easy, with no fuss, no muss! Create a simple lidded pot by folding aluminum foil around carrots, whole onions, or broccoli for a steamed effect, or place veggies like peppers, zucchini, and eggplant (to name a few!) directly onto the grill. Your vegetables won't need more than a sprinkle of salt or a favorite seasoning after you remove them. Even just a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon can send the flavor soaring! 


Tip #3: Grill Your Fish

Grilling fish on an open flame can feel challenging, but consider this a time to experiment with some delicious potential! Firmer fish like salmon work beautifully on the grill and result in a tasty, crispy skin. Ready for a pro tip? After you've placed your fish on the grill, avoid moving it since movement can cause tearing and breaking of the fish. Another thing to note is that fish generally cooks quicker than meats like steak or chicken, so you'll want to keep your eyes on it. 


We hope these tips have been a helpful inspiration to get out there and grill this season!


As always,we invite you to leave the BBQing to us. Take a look at our quick and easy curbside menu filled with delicious grilled meats, BBQ dishes, and veggie options. We are happy to serve up spring and summer dishes for any gathering!

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