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Live experiences keep people engaged during occasions and offer them a range of feelings, emotions, and brand-new thoughts. You are already aware of this.
However, have you ever wondered what an event catering experience means?

At B&M we are well aware that a special event experience needs to stimulate the senses.
This will trigger a physical reaction among the audience, such as laughter or awe.
The experience must instill a sense of participation and dedication amongst the audience.

Clearly, there’s a wide variety of activities that will help you stimulate your attendees’ senses. One of the most crucial is event catering.

The culinary elements of an event play a large part in identifying overall visitor satisfaction.
Eating has a direct influence on the perceived experience of the occasion. Therefore it pays off to give this crucial element of your program the utmost attention.

The way you create the catering experience can make or break your whole event. You can offer a basic lunch break or a dinner, or you can offer a ‘WOW’ experience to your participants that they’ll remember and speak about months after the event.

If you are keen on the latter, here’s a list of recommendations you might want to think about:

1 – Arrange a self-service bar

You wish to prevent providing people with too many options since they’ll face “analysis paralysis” and not have the ability to make a decision. The multitude of options might overwhelm them.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t apply to food and an open service bar, because when it comes to food and drinks, people will go after what they crave in no time.

An important detail to remember, however, is to make sure to include a few self-service bars so individuals will not have to wait in long queues. You can even have us set up different bars with various types of drinks to develop a much better guest flow.

2 – Have B&M cook on the spot

Do you know what kind of online material has the highest levels of views and engagement?
Food-related content. People love spending hours and hours enjoying watching others cooking or baking, even though they might never ever try to recreate the exact same dishes at home.

Why? Who knows? Watching others create elaborate meals might be a very interesting and entertaining experience you can offer at your event.

3 – Offer B&M box lunch

A B&M box lunch is not your typical packed lunch. The box lunch idea is to represent a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal. However, if you ever tried one before you’ll see how thoroughly and thoughtfully the food is placed in these containers prepared by us.

We’ve combined the concept of a box with the deliciousness of our food choices to offer your guests charming food boxes. I can guarantee, it will get practically everyone to get their phones and snap a picture of their lunch.

4 – Serve slow coffee & sugar station

By “slow coffee,” we are referring to offering a completely different coffee break experience.
Generally, during a coffee break, your guests will go into the hall or any place the coffee is stationed and pour some coffee or tea from a thermos into a small little plastic or Styrofoam cup.

However, instead of the conventional, uninteresting coffee break, welcome B&M’s sugar stations to provide the ultimate delicacies experience to your guests.

Obviously, this sort of coffee break might be a bit more lengthy, however, your visitors will definitely value this thoughtful alternative that will get them to slow down and mingle with each other.

Closing thoughts

The cooking experience of your guests doesn’t need to be made complex or extremely sophisticated. Offering your visitors a captivating catering experience ought to be a mix of both familiar and brand-new. That’s why we recommend you include a little entertainment into the catering to catapult it from simply “typical food and drinks served at an occasion” to a lasting memory.

And we won’t be limited by location!

B&M provides catering throughout southern New England, across Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Special events can range from big wedding events to intimate dinner parties. These are days that stand apart from the others. They’re special and live on in our memories forever.
B&M Catering offers services for all your special days, throughout the year.
From summer season evening clambakes, to fall pig roasts, corporate events, and wedding events, our devoted team will help create your ideal day.

Catering Rhode Island Solved – What are some special events?

We’ve put a list together of “unusual” event ideas, to help you brainstorm. Here are our top choices:

Baby showers: Baby showers help you and your liked ones welcome a new life into the world. Make yourself, and your guests, feel special with a catered occasion. You deserve it!

School dances: Great deals of hungry children and teens require big quantities of food. B&M provides delivery, suitable for occasions that require preparation and same-day setup. We can come to you, and put together all your food needs.

Block parties: How fun are block parties? Gather everyone in the neighborhood for a pig roast, or a conventional Hawaiian luau.

Holidays: Do you have a big household, or plan to have friends over to celebrate, but aren’t a fan of cooking? Book B&M Catering to supply your food and drink requirements.

Bachelor/ Bachelorette celebrations: Bachelor/ Bachelorette celebrations are good for welcoming guests beyond the bridal celebration to celebrate your special day. Check out B&M’s bar service plans, to discover the perfect fit for your needs.

Official supper parties: Do you have a crucial supper planned at your home? Or possibly simply want a reason to welcome people over and get dressed up? Either way, a ready supper delivery can help elevate the night, and enable you to focus on enjoying your guests. Try our Italian menu, or possibly a fresh fish choice.

B&M Catering is more than happy to offer full-service catering or pick-up/delivery for occasions like yours, and we are ready to personalize a menu to fulfill everybody’s requirements.

Please contact us with your questions, we are always happy to provide a quote and work with our customers!