Clambake Value Quality Ensured with B&M’s Clambakes to-go options.
Easy online ordering for clambake to go, picked up in Pawtucket and got some cooking tips. The birthday meal came out perfect and my wife was very happy.  Ton of food, great value.

Clambake Value & Quality.

clambake value quality


Our Clambakes to Travel are a popular addition to our Pick up and Delivery.

You can order a Clambake for any gathering or event size, feel free to mix and match and make your own suggestions for a completely tailored menu.

Whether you are looking to spend some quality time with your family or enjoy a friendly dinner party we got you covered.

The Clambakes to Travel can be delivered or picked up at our kitchen in Pawtucket.

You can order a variety of items online for pick up at our worldwide headquarters in Pawtucket, RI or at any of our satellite locations.

Perfect for family dinners, weekend cookouts, special occasions or to help out a neighbor.

Since we receive all fresh products, we request that orders are placed a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

Ordering is simple!
Visit our Clambakes to Travel page.

Choose from our wide variety of family-friendly meals.

When ordering, you can choose your preferred delivery or pick-up day and time. When picking up, simply pull into our parking lot, give us a call, and pop your trunk. We will load your order directly into your vehicle.

* We are open 7 days a week.

Feel free to contact us anytime