Italian company luncheon catering.
B&M Catering brings Italian to the office. Catering a luncheon for a local company brings

italian company luncheon

“B&M catered a luncheon at the company I work for on Friday 9/16.  It was Italian theme. It was so good, some of the best “gravy” other than my own. The food was fresh, hot and very tasty,  made with love. You could tell it was all hand made; eggplant parm, chicken parm, sausage, onions and peppers, salad and bread.  If  I ever need a caterer, I will know who to contact. Great job, B & M.”

The best venue and exquisite catering: the perfect recipe for a memorable event starts with the right ingredients.

When you are planning your event during the lunch hour, you don’t have much time to make a good impression with the food you are serving, while accomplishing your meeting purposes. Most people will recall events by the food that was served, and what you are offering can make or break your event.
Drawing the line between an average experience and something that is unforgettable.
Employing expert corporate catering services for your event can assist you to make sure that everything will go according to plan. We’ve put together some thoughtful suggestions for preparing catered luncheon.

Provide an co-creative experience

One way to make a catered lunch a success is to provide a co-creative experience for your visitors.
This includes letting your visitors choose their very own garnishes for their meals instead of making the exact same recipes for everyone. As an example, you could arrange a pasta bar with a range of meats, veggies and also sauces so guests can tailor their meals. Tailored meals with portable cooking equipment are a popular option to consider.

Ask your attendees for input

A usual concern that event coordinators experience is attempting to pick a menu that everybody will enjoy.
However different people will like different things, and on top of that some attendees may follow special diets. A great way for you to prepare your luncheon is to ask your guests what their preferences are. You can include a brief survey or questionnaire in the invitations for your lunch where your visitors can tell you what they would like to have when they send their RSVPs.
You can pass this information along to us so we can prepare meals that satisfy the group.

Offer networking with easy to eat food

Plenty of companies are looking forward to events that will allow for the opportunity to network. Nevertheless, people sometimes have a challenging time stepping outside of their comfort zones as well as opening up to others whom they don’t already know somehow.
You can encourage attendees to mingle with new people with simple and easy-to-eat meals.
As opposed to having actually individual meals packaged for your visitors in specific boxes, you could provide lunches for five or six people in large barbecue baskets. You can encourage them to gather together and share their meals from the baskets, helping them to get to know each other and to foster conversations.

Our professional and friendly team has catered countless events, from large gatherings such as the Cohassett Historical Society annual celebration to smaller company lunches.
Our full-service catering team, which includes specialized chefs and waitstaff will make sure that your event will be a success.

Whether you’re planning a reception, store launch, or corporate clients event, our team will go the extra mile to create a unique experience to suit your every single request. Our services range from stand-up buffet receptions to sit-down dining.

To plan a successful luncheon, it is important for you to choose a professional catering services company that is creative and able to work within your budget.

Our expert team can plan a terrific menu to suit groups of any size.

What are you waiting for, make your next corporate event memorable with B&M catering services.
Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of menus and ingredients.
You can request to build your own menu, keep in mind that our food is also available for pick up and delivery.