corporate holidays holiday corporate party

Corporate event party. With the holidays fast approaching, it’s that time of year to start planning your corporate events.

It’s always nice to show employees, or fellow co-workers, that their efforts are appreciated. A corporate holiday event is the perfect way to do just that.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of new, and exciting ideas. So that your holiday party will stand out from the rest.

B&M has created a list of some funky, and some traditional, party themes that will spice up any event.

Corporate event party menu options:

  1. Traditional Yankee Swap: The idea is simple, everyone who wants to participate brings a small gift. Then picks a number out of a hat. Your number represents the order you choose your gift (1 is the best number, 2 is the worst). When it’s your turn, pick a gift, and then decide if you want to keep said gift, or switch with someone else. Pro-tip: We recommend picking a menu option that elects for a separate, sit-down meal. Or eventually small finger foods, before the festivities begin. That way, people don’t have to hold their plates while opening gifts.
  2. The Medieval Banquet: An opportunity to eat and drink to excess”, this unique dining experience has a menu that will leave your employees speechless. King Henry’s Leg of Fowl (roasted turkey leg), Skirrets & Pasternacks, Fruit of the Forest Pie…It just sounds fun!
  3. Glam Attire: If you’re looking for an excuse to get dressed up, a holiday party is the perfect excuse. People can wear long coats, suits, dresses…the whole 9 yards! This would be perfect for a sit down, catered dinner, serving anything from our Italian menu to our assorted seafood menu.

Contact our professional event support team to help you put together a memorable holiday party.