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DELICIOUS choice for my wedding! My (now) husband and I are both huge foodies, and we wanted to make sure that everyone came away from our wedding having eaten their body-weight in super good food. No $100-a-head dry, stuffed chicken at our wedding! We deliberately chose a venue that allowed us to choose whatever caterer we wanted, but they provided a list of caterers that had been used by brides in the past. B&M was on that list, and once we saw the menu we were sold.

  •      They took care of all of the rentals and staffing at a really good rate (linens, china, etc.), and everything was cooked on-site.
  •      Pricing and payment was super easy and very transparent.
  •      Emails were always answered promptly.

The day of our wedding, we had passed appetizers (the beef teriyaki skewers and soup served in shot glasses in four different flavors). The skewers especially got rave reviews from our guests. We also got a buffet with roast pork, turkey legs, and crab legs, with vegetables, mashed potatoes, and cornbread.

All of it was absolutely delicious – the meat was moist and tender and the cornbread southern-sweet.

Our friends are all big eaters, but everyone had plenty to eat, and we even had leftovers!

Since the wedding, we’ve had multiple people tell us it was the best food they’d ever had at a wedding, and I agree!

Excellent team, and excellent food, at a super affordable price. Would absolutely recommend to any bride looking for delicious and plentiful food.

Wedding Catering Review On The Knot 6/08/2016 Andra L
Wedding held at the Endicott Estate in Dedham.

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