The winner of our Best Dog Photo Contest is Buster Brown, submitted by Leslie Costic:

Buster Brown

Buster’s family will be enjoying BBQ chicken, steak tips, potato salad, vegetable salad, corn bread and delicious apple crisp.  Buster will be enjoying a nice juicy bone !  

The second place goes to Rosie’s Boudoir Pose.  

Rosie's Boudoiur

She has earned a Fresh Lobster Beach Blanket for her owner, Jen Osojnicki.

Third place goes to Ellie – Digging for Clams, submitted by Heidi Gumula.  

Ellie digging

They will have a Fresh Lobster T-shirt coming their way !


Nestle in Goggles

  Clamake Dog

Nestle in his riding goggles.                               Thor is a B & M Catering Fan !

Thank you to everyone who sent in their photos – visited our page – and played along.

We really do appreciate having fun with all of you !

Brian & Mickey