In Celebration of National Dog Day – August 26
Is there anything better on these steamy-hot dog-days of summer
than an ice-cold drink or frozen popsicle?
The cold sensation is refreshing.
Your dog will think so too.  
dog popsicle
 Frozen Pupsicles:
                 For a special treat your dog will really love, make a dog-friendly Popsicle.
Here are the supplies you will need: 
    - Popsicle mold , ice cube tray, or small paper cups
    - 6 jerky pet treats or dog treat biscuits
    - Blender
Here are some suggested ingredients (*)
     -2 cups chicken broth
    - 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce
     -1 jar chicken and rice baby food (or flavor of your choice)
     -1/2 cup chopped fresh mint
Here's what to do.
     - Blend ingredients in a blender or food processor until combined.
     - Pour into an ice cube tray or mold and stick a jerky stick in each.
     - Freeze until solid, and then serve as needed.

(*)You can use your own discretion for what ingredients to add.  
This recipe adds the mint leaves to help freshen Jasper's breath.


Jasper’s favorite quote
   “Live like someone left the gate open”

“It is the Human Condition to Love.
It is Love that Changes the Human Condition.
It is the Love of one Human that can Change a Nation.
It is that Love which empowers one Nation, to save man’s best friend.”
                                                            ~ Colleen Paige – Founder of National Dog Day