When Brian brought an employee lunch over to Fun Enterprises in Stoughton, MA, he thought he was just going to meet with owner, Ken Abrahams, and share some grilled chicken, pulled pork and salad.  

Little did he know that the afternoon would turn out to be—what else?- FUN!

Fun Enterprises, Inc is a full-service events company providing unique entertainment programs of the highest quality to corporate, educational and private clients nationwide. 

Fun Enterprises

Jack Lank, director of the United Regional Chamber of Commerce, heard there was going to be a B&M Catered lunch served, so he joined the fun, too.

Jack Lank

It turned out that it was Caricature Artist Training Day at Fun Enterprises.  The talented artists were all fine-tuning their caricature drawing techniques.  Bushy eyebrows, high foreheads, and a variety of noses were compared, evaluated and revised.  

B&M Catering, Brian DohertyDid you know that there is a science to caricature-drawing for large crowds?  Ken explained that he looks for consistency in the final products from his artists.  The artists learn how to collaborate to provide good quality drawings with the speed needed to keep the lines moving at an event such as a bar mitzvah, college activity day or company picnic.

We asked Ken where Fun Enterprises comes up with so many fun ideas for their events.  He explained that he has been in working events for over 36 years. He started working events when he was only 16 years old and has played Santa every year since.

Ken started Fun Enterprises in 1989 in South Weymouth, MA and has just recently moved to Stoughton, MA.  With this many years experience, Ken has tried many, many event entertainment ideas. Staff who work the events with this company are encouraged to bring their ideas to Ken. Ken tells us that some of his best ideas for parties have come from his staff.  

Ken told us that he and his staff have a very simple business philosophy.  They agree that their clients (he refers to them as clients, not customers) are under the care and protection of Fun Enterprises.  As the authority and a resource for event entertainment, the Fun Enterprises staff feel a real responsibility to guide clients through the planning process and then, to provide only the highest quality entertainment programs.  

Fun Enterprises has very little staff turnover.  Employees are valued for their talents and their enthusiasm.  Fun Enterprises puts a good amount of resources—emotional, physical and financial—into making sure staff are equipped with education, guidance and proper equipment to perform a great job for their clients.  The staff here is diverse in their knowledge and passion.  Fun Enterprises can put together a team to deliver quality entertainment on multiple levels of involvement and content. Ken tells us that what he asks for in a staff person is the 4 “A”s: Arrival, Appearance, Attitude, and Ability.  We had a good discussion on this topic, as it very closely aligns with the B&M Catering philosophy of providing a great event experience.

Brian and Ken

Whether you’re planning a small private gathering or a large major event, Fun Enterprises is fully able to provide the complete entertainment package.  They are equally adept at college, corporate and high school events.  They are expert service providers for private events such as bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, weddings, sweet sixteen and quinceaneras celebrations, retirement parties and birthdays.  

We are pleased to have spent time getting to know Ken, AC, Wayde and all of the really FUN folks over at Fun Enterprises.

Oh – and they even gave us a great parting gift – a box filled with candy – Sweet!

candy box






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