Food Allergies: Does my menu contain gluten? A majority of our menu is gluten-free.

We can put together a list of what is or isn’t gluten-free on your menu.


Some of the basics on our menu that DO NOT contain gluten:

– BBQ Sauce including mesquite

– Mojo for chicken

– All of our bean dishes

– Butter

– Corn on the Cob

– Potatoes

– Grilled Veggie Medley

– Roasted Pig and accompanying sauces

– Hamburgers & Hot Dogs….just don’t eat the bun

– Steamed Clams & Mussels


Some of the basics that DO contain gluten:

– Cornbread (sorry, we know it’s good but you can’t have it without paying the price)

– Chowder (we can make this gluten free upon request)

– Clamcakes

– Coconut Shrimp

– Chicken & Lemongrass/Japanese Potstickers

– Anything else that begins with a C (just kidding!)

We’ve been at this a really long time. Let’s discuss your plans for your next event. Our seasoned party planning staff will help you decide upon menus and amounts to order. 

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