Ensure that your graduation event will be all about celebrating, consider these important points. Proper planning ahead of time will help this celebration go off without a hitch.

*Guest blog authored by Amanda Spittell, Berry Insurance Agency’s Community Manager.

It’s finally here. The day your son or daughter (and let’s face it, you too) has been waiting for. It’s Graduation time! And you’ve decided to go with a catered graduation party in the comfort of your backyard. Great choice! But in order to ensure that this special day will be all about celebrating – there are a few things that you’ll want to consider in preparation. Proper planning ahead of time will help this celebration go off without a hitch. 

Event size and context

How many people will be attending this event? If you’re planning an extravagant celebration with an open bar, catering services provided by B&M Catering Company, and 500 of your closest friends – it sounds like a one-day special event insurance policy will be the right option for you. But if you’re planning a smaller celebration, simply informing your insurance agent might be enough. 

Each situation will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis as to whether you’ll need to purchase additional insurance coverage. When you contact your agent to inform them about your event, this is the perfect time to review your homeowner’s policy liability limits. A personal umbrella would also provide protection in addition to your homeowners’ insurance limits. But, just having these policies isn’t enough. Depending on your policy, you may or may not have coverage for liquor liability. Even if you’ve got great homeowners insurance coverages as well as an umbrella policy – you still may want to consider a one-day special event insurance policy for your backyard party. 

Think of it like this – do you want a large claim driving up your homeowners’ insurance premiums for the next several years? If you need to submit a large claim, as the insured, it may be better to have the special event insurance pay versus your homeowners’ insurance policy. Submitting a large claim to your homeowners, or even umbrella insurance policy may raise your premiums for years to come. Your agent can assist you with all of this, so don’t delay in giving them a call today. 

Our warmest congrats to you and your graduate!

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