Healthy Catering options.

healthy choices catering options


With January comes the promise of fresh new beginnings, making it the perfect time to identify healthy eating goals. Here are some helpful tried and true tips to kick-off the new year right! 

Looking for an overview of healthy food options from around the world, check this list here.


Healthy Swap Outs: 

It is easy to feel like we are depriving ourselves of a favorite food when we remove it from our daily diet. Doing a slightly healthier swap out can ease us into an excellent substitution strategy. The result? The change doesn’t feel so severe. Turn your attention to filling your plate with foods that energize you instead of depleting you. We have some excellent alternates to entertain your taste buds. Swap out your average calorie-rich side dish with our Salt & Pepper Green Beans. These fresh beans prepped in olive oil with salt & pepper are sure to do the trick when it comes to a successful swap switch-up! 


Small and Simple Changes: 

Did you know that increasing your water intake can significantly impact your overall health? It can help promote fullness and reduce your overall calorie intake. Another fun fact, many people confuse the feeling of thirst for hunger! Not big on the taste of water? Infused water with citrus or even fresh berries can jazz up the bland flavor and keep you hydrated! 


Something New: 

Healthy resolutions don’t have to mean bland, blah foods. Why not look at your new way of eating as an opportunity to try something completely different? If you’ve never tried our sweet, citrus kissed Mandarin Orange and Toasted Almond Salad, this may be a perfect time! 


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