Rhode Island holiday party food ideas

Iconic Holiday Party Food Ideas

Iconic holiday party food ideas to make your holiday season memorable.

Holidays are nearly here, and our attention can’t help but turn to our traditional food favorites. But how exactly did some of these seasonal celebratory delights arrive in our holiday spreads? We thought it would be fun to share the origins behind a few of our favorite (and not so favorite) holiday foods!



The first known recipe of the sweet treat dates back to Greece in 2400 BCE. The recipe was remixed through many cultures and eventually made its way to England. It is here where Queen Elizabeth was credited with the idea of decorating them! 



Poor fruitcakes have been the punchline to every Christmas joke and held in low regard. Their reputations were tarnished by the idea of a cake stuffed with candied fruits, nuts, and spices. But the fruitcake has a tale to tell! This much-maligned dish was likely whipped up in the Middle Ages when dried fruits and nuts were expensive. Due to the price of ingredients and the effort to make the dessert, it’s assumed December was felt to be the season most worthy of its making. 



If you haven’t had the joy of indulging in a tray of delicious Latkes, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! The original latke was simply a cheese pancake, with an eventual transition to potato. Potato latkes gained popularity in the 1800s, all thanks to the inexpensive planting of potatoes in Eastern Europe. With all other crops failing, potatoes became an easy option, and there was no turning back. Latkes are now whipped up not only to celebrate Hanukkah but Christmas too!

potato latkes


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