Holiday-take-out food in Rhode island.

Menu items to bring luck and joy in the new year. B&M Catering in Pawtucket, RI offers traditional and specialty food items to make your holiday special. Our takeout menus make it easy to plan a cozy event at home. 

With 2020 just about out the door and 2021 happily preparing to ring its way in, we figured it couldn’t hurt to know what foods may bring a little luck.


Today we are sharing some delicious ways to happily usher in a fresh new year!


take out new year holiday food Rhode Island


Pass the Pork

Did you know many people consider pork to be one of the luckiest foods to eat on New Year’s Day? They represent prosperity and symbolize progress thanks to the way they “root forward” with their noses. So welcome some lucky pork into your New Year’s Day, whether it is pulled or roasted; we have you covered!


The Legendary Lentil

This well-known tradition of eating legumes is most prevalent in Italy and Brazil. These coin-shaped legumes represent luck with money and date back to Roman times. It is a tradition that carries on in many families to this very day.


Cake for the Win

This Greek tradition involves indulging in a special lemon-flavored called a “vasilopita” and is baked with a coin inside! The tradition goes, that whoever finds the coin also has good luck for the year. We may not be able to provide the coin, but we have the cake part covered with Jimmy’s Famous Lemon Cake!


Go Green

Along with standard new year’s resolutions for getting healthy (and staying healthy!), adding greens into the mix for your New Year’s lucky day celebrations is another tradition. These green leafy vegetables, thought to resemble money, have found their way onto the list of must-have foods for any New Year’s Day. These greens can be kale, collard, or your favorite salad selection from our curbside menu! 


Let’s welcome 2021 with any of these delicious options and bring a little luck into the new year for ourselves and each other. Check out our full-service catering menus online and contact us with your questions!