Recently, a customer called us to find out more information about how B&M Catering handles a clambake wedding. Melissa thought that she would like to have a fun, informal clambake-style wedding.  Her concern, however, was whether the lobsters would end up making a big mess for everyone at the wedding.

This may actually be one of our most frequently asked questions.  Naturally, folks are concerned about the work and mess involved with cracking open lobsters while dressed in their nice outfits.  

No worries, here, though.

B&M Catering takes the messiness factor out of our clambakes.

First off, we always steam our lobsters.  

steaming lobsters

The secret to a successful clambake is in the steaming. We have found that steaming is less messy and safer than boiling. It cooks the lobsters more gently and that makes the meat more tender.   Steaming results in a lobster without all the extra water inside of its shell.


Then, our experienced clambake servers will crack and drain each and every lobster before placing it on the guest’s plate.  

In this way, we can insure that every guest has a perfect lobster dinner, without having to wear it home.

But don’t worry.  We’ll still bring along the traditional lobster bibs !