Spice up your valentine’s day.

According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive, men and women believe that a lobster dinner is the most romantic meal of all time!

Spice up your valentine's day valentines day lobster dinner at home

The survey showed that most adults believe a lobster dinner is the number one most romantic meal. Nearly four out of 10 men (36 percent) and women (37 percent) think that it would be most romantic to get engaged over a lobster dinner, compared to about a quarter of men (25 percent) and women (22 percent) who think steak would set the most romantic tone. 

Spice up your valentine’s day – All on the same page

Men and women may disagree on many topics, but on this, they agree. They also believe that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic occasion for a marriage proposal. Over half of those surveyed answered that this is absolutely the most romantic occasion to propose marriage. And, get this, more men than women thought this was true.  Men (58%) are more likely than women (49%) to think that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day to ask “Will you marry me?”

So, we wouldn’t tell you what to do – but, it would seem the numbers speak for themselves.

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