B&M Catering, providing catered barbecues, clambakes, pig roasts and formal menus to New England for over 30 years. Today’s highlight menu: The Comforter – A menu chock full of comfort foods for those with no pretensions

Historically, the winter has been a slower season for weddings, engagement parties, family reunions and other events.  Here, at B&M Catering, we took the opportunity to rework, revise and ramp-up our standard menus.
Menus are always a work-in-progress, and are really more of a guideline than a rule. More often than not, we work with each individual customer to customize their own event menu. So when we decided to work out our menus, we went right to the source and asked our customers what kinds of foods they would most like to have for their special events. We came up with a variety of full-service menus which can be found on their own webpage.

Comforter menu special

Today, we would like to highlight one menu, in particular, that we are quite proud of. Brian, Mickey and Tim have come up with a menu that they describe as one that will suit those who have no pretensions and who want to serve their guests a hearty meal of standard comfort foods (with a twist).

We looked up “Comfort Food” in the dictionary and found this definition:

Comfort food is traditionally eaten food which often provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the person eating it or simply provides the consumer a familiar meal, soft in consistency, and rich in calories, nutrients, or both. The nostalgic element most comfort food has, may be specific to either the individual or a specific culture. Many comfort foods are flavorful; some may also be easily prepared.

Comforter Menu - event catering

The Comforter Menu, as you can see, includes a variety of standard foods we recognize as comfort: Tomato Soup Shooters with Mini-Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Meatloaf or Yankee Pot Roast with Gravy, Homemade Apple Sauce, Macaroni and Cheese.  We even offer a Homemade Grapenut Pudding as a dessert item. 

Audience feedback

We took a poll on Facebook to ask our followers which would be their favorite item on this new menu:

  • Mitch couldn’t decide between the meatloaf and the macaroni and cheese.
  • Rosina wanted that grapenut pudding.
  • Igor also wanted the grapenut pudding, as long as there was whipped cream on top.
  • Darlene definitely wanted the meatloaf with gravy.
  • Susan thought the tomato soup shooters along with the mini-grilled cheese would be her pick.
  • Jean thought the Yankee pot roast sounded delicious.

B&M team is really quite happy with this particular menu theme.  We have come up with a bunch of other menus that we are equally proud of, as well.  There are a variety of barbecue, clambakes, pig roasts and more formal menus to view on our Full Service Catering page.  Make sure to check out the huge – really huge – variety of our Appetizers, Sides, Services & Such.  

We dare you to pick just one favorite.  

Can’t decide?  Contact Tim in our office.  He is expert at helping folks work out the details of menu planning for their special events.

Something to keep in mind when visiting our menus pages.  All of these menus are Full Service.  This means they include:

  • All travel
  • All labor
  • Disposable plates, utensils and condiments
  • Grills and other cooking equipment
  • Covered, skirted buffet tables
  • Trash cans, liners and trash removal
  • Liability and workmen’s compensation insurance
  • Canopied cooking area
  • and, of course, plenty to eat.

We look forward to answering any and all of your catering questions and needs.