Autumn is one of the best times of the year in New England to have an outdoor barbecue, especially a harvest pig roast. Catered Pig Roasts are hugely popular.

autumn outdoor pig roast

Recently we were asked, “Can I have an outdoor pig roast after summer is over”?  Why of course you can!  It’s not like your grandmother telling you that you can’t wear white or flip flops after Labor Day!  There are no Holiday Laws to say you can’t, and no Party Police that will bust you for it.  

In fact, autumn is one of the best times of the year in New England to have a barbecue, especially a harvest pig roast.  The fall foliage is gorgeous, the sun is still warm and you can finish the night with a campfire.  The occasion can be a family reunion, corporate event, birthday party, engagement celebration or wedding.  The setting can be your backyard, a rustic barn, parking lot tailgate or a working farm complete with a tractor hayride.  Design your party around a “Harvest” or “Halloween” theme, both offer so many decorating and menu ideas.  Check out some of our Pinterest Boards for some pig roast and Halloween inspirations. 

But most importantly, don’t forget about the pig!  Because the Pig is Big!

Our catered Pig Roasts are hugely popular; they’re like an event within an event! The B&M Clambake crew will arrive about 6 hours prior to the serving time to set up and start roasting the pig.  Our custom built, covered cookers are awesome and allow us to cook in any weather. We continuously monitor the cooker, adjusting the temperature, so the pig is roasted to perfection! Guests love to observe this process and we are happy to oblige.  

Here is one of our more popular harvest pig roast menus.

carolina pig roast

We also have other menus including a Chicken & Pig Roast, The Hawaiian Luau and The Islander Pig Roast.  You can also feel free to mix and match items to customize your own unique menu.  The garnished pig’s head on a platter is optional for any of the roasts … and definitely a conversation piece!

pig roast

So if you want to host a harvest pig roast that your guests will go “hog wild” for, just contact B & M Clambake’s outdoor catering and cooking specialists.

Here are some more fun menu ideas: