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Texas BBQ by B&M Catering menu texas bbq

There are so many different varieties of barbecue in Texas, each with different meats, spices, and smoking techniques. They’re broken down by region: East Texas, West Texas, Central Texas and South Texas.  And each brags louder than the next about having the best.  So the easiest way to understand why Texans defend their barbecue like the Alamo is to understand a little bit about Texas barbecue history.

A dash of history

Ten thousand years ago, the Caddo Indians cooked venison and other game over wood fires in the Texas region.  Then came the Spanish shepherds in the 1600’s who spit-roasted kid goat and lamb “shepherd style” on the barren plains.  Along the Rio Grande Valley, the Mexican style of meat preparation called “barbacoa” was used.  This involved meat sealed in maguey leaves and buried in hot coals,hence the name “barbecue.”

In the 1800’s, settlers from the American South began trickling in, bringing with them  traditional Southern pit style: meats, especially pigs, sheep and goats, cooked over a coal-filled trench dug into the ground.  Black slaves added their own unique style by celebrating the harvest on cotton plantations with huge barbecues.  In addition, German immigrants added sausage making and smoked brisket methods to the barbecue mix. Eventually their meat markets evolved into barbecue “joints.”  It wasn’t until after the Civil War when cattle ranching became a huge business, that beef became the most common meat in Texas and cooking a whole steer was considered the ultimate in Texas barbecue. 

BBQ pride

With such a rich history, you can see why Texans are so proud of their barbecues. Each delicious in their own way. The East Texas style is beef marinated in a sweet tomato sauce and slowly cooked over a pit of hickory wood until it literally “falls off the bone.”  The Central Texas style uses a rub of spices on the meat. It’s then cooked over indirect heat using pecan or oak wood.   Meat is directly cooked over mesquite wood for the West Texas style. Giving the barbecue a drier and more acidic taste.  The South Texas style of barbecue is moist, with the meat smothered in a thick, molasses-like sauce.   

Menu Texas BBQ

Although we aren’t Texans, B&M Catering Co. believes barbecue makes everything better too!  So here, deep in the heart of New England, we serve up our own style of Texas Barbecue. 

With barbecue babyback ribs, Texas chili, barbecue chicken, cornbread, corn on the cob and our own Tex-Mex rice, this menu is a real crowd pleaser.

texas bbq menu texas bbq

As with most of our menus, the Texas BBQ menu can be ordered as a pick-up or delivery option for your next event.

So round up your posse and contact B&M Clambake’s outdoor catering and cooking specialists!

Can’t live without lobster? Don’t be afraid to add it your menu for a more North-meets-South Texas Barbecue. We can customize any menu for your special event.

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