Last week, we posted a blog about the “romance factor” of a lobster dinner.  

lobster valentine's day

The article was called “Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day” and it mentioned a study in which it was determined that men and women believe that a lobster dinner is the most romantic meal of all time.  

Sure enough, some of our readers took the not-too-subtle hint and ordered lobster dinners delivered to their home to play a key role in their romantic evening plans.

We just love when our customers send us feedback on the meals we provide, especially when they involve romance, so we were particularly pleased with this letter we just received:

lobster dinner


Thank you so much for sending along the fabulous lobster dinner.  We ate the whole thing up except for 2 potatoes!

What a terrific meal, it really reminded us of Boston! 

Just before we sat down to eat, my husband, George started talking all romantic…

“Come on pretty baby. It’s time to eat. You look terrific and smell great”

I looked up to realize he was talking to the lobster…not me! 

A million thanks for a lovely dinner, anyway. 


Huntsville, AL

Well, Alice, we can only do so much after all.

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