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National Picnic Day is April 23rd, and there is no better way to celebrate the warmer days that are arriving than by packing up a lunch and taking it outdoors! 

Are you wondering about the origin of the traditional picnic?

The word picnic derives from the French word piquenique and means to eat a meal outdoors.
This tradition hearkens back to mid-18th-century al fresco French dining.
All that was required was a bottle of wine, a loaf of warm bread, fruit with assorted cheeses, and tada!….a party under the open sky!

For the U.S. version, picnics can take shape as outdoor barbecues or pack a lunch and go gatherings!

Either way, picnics are informal gatherings intended to join friends and family together, relax and indulge in some delicious dishes while soaking in the sun (or nighttime sky!). 

Choice picnic foods to consider may be the traditional sandwiches and cold salad options. You can kick it up a notch with items like BBQ chicken and pulled pork too!

The possibilities are endless.

And if you want a quick but impressive New England flair to your outside celebration, consider a B&M Catering Clambake

 Once you have the food selections narrowed down, scout out a favorite park or recreation area in advance. Be ready to let your friends and family know April 23rd is the day to celebrate!
Bring blankets and chairs, target park areas with both a bit of sun and shade, and enjoy the day with a meal under the sky.
And don’t forget a layer or two to wear for the New England weather that likes to keep us on our toes! 

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