5 Tips for Catering Your Office Breakfast & Lunch Meetings

  • Posted on: 24 February 2019
  • By: Brian and Mick

Hurray, you’ve been given the honor to coordinate your office meeting!

As you’re checking off all the boxes, first things first – have you nailed down a menu?

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a meeting with no food, and frankly, donuts and coffee aren’t going to cut it this time.

Whether you’re organizing a “Lunch and Learn” or morning coffee hour, become everyone’s office BFF with these simple tips for catering at the workplace!  



  1.  Confirm the RSVPs

There’s nothing worse than running out of food, or on the flipside ordering way too much and having it go to waste! Be sure to check in with your coworkers to confirm the headcount before placing your order.  

This will help you plan accordingly, and save some money depending on how many people you’re expecting! For instance, at B & M Catering, we offer reduced pricing for larger quantities of people. Alternatively, our Baby Buffets are a great choice for a smaller staff meeting of 12-15.  

  1.  Be Mindful of Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions 

Go the extra mile to ask your coworkers about food allergies and dietary restrictions! This will help you craft the perfect menu, and ensure there’s something for everyone – including your vegetarian boss and pregnant colleague. 

We’re happy to help answer any questions regarding food allergies, and come up with a custom menu that works best for your group!  

  1.  Consider the Time of Day 

When planning your menu, you’ll want to consider the time of day! Spruce up your morning coffee hour with a surprise Breakfast Buffet like the “Hot Shot Breakfast” which includes favorites like scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries, fresh fruit, and of course coffee.  

If you’re planning a lunch meeting, our Box Lunch & Sandwich Menus are surefire crowd-pleasers. With four different menus to choose from, options range from classic sandwiches (like roast beef and tuna salad) to unique varieties (like the Caprese Wrap and Chicken Cordon Bleu). Accompaniments include fresh fruit, homemade cookies, coleslaw, salad, and chips. 

breakfast catering food choices


  1.  Don’t Forget the Beverages (and Dessert)  

Don’t forget beverages…and no we’re not talking alcohol! Meetings can take a while, so make sure everyone stays hydrated. Our Box Lunch & Sandwich Menus all include soda or bottled water, and individually bottled juice – orange, cranberry or apple – is part of our Brunch ‘n’ Munch Buffet. Keep your coworkers caffeinated (and happy) with some hot coffee, and don’t forget dessert to win everyone over! Our homemade cookies should do the trick if we do say so ourselves. 

  1.  Make Setup a Breeze

To make your life simpler, all of our buffet menus include sturdy disposable plates and utensils, a plastic covering for the buffet table, disposable serving utensils and condiments for an easy-breezy setup. After all, you work hard enough and don’t need yet another thing to add to your to-do list! 


Reach out to us today to request a quote and start planning your office meeting! 

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