Outdoor or rustic wedding allow you to embrace your creativity for a fraction of the cost of most indoor venues. This includes a number of catering options.

We love ‘em, we really do!  There is no limit to the creative ways people are organizing, decorating and enjoying their outdoor spaces for their weddings. One of the best things about an outdoor or rustic wedding is it allows you to embrace your creativity. 

Here are some simple, yet creative tips to creating your outdoor wedding event.


lighting outdoor rustic wedding

An outdoor wedding can truly bring out the romance and beauty. The easiest, and least expensive, way to produce that aura is to add tiny white lights, and lots of them. Lights add just the perfect amount of ambiance, while also lighting up darker areas of a barn, yard, or other outdoor setting. You can hang the lights everywhere you can think of.  Make sure that you design some way to create an outline of your reception space.

We find that there is no end to the unique, beautiful and creative lighting ideas to add that magical essence to your wedding day.


outdoor rustic wedding drape

Seriously romantic:

Purchase fabric in bulk in the color of your choice and just start draping it wherever you would like.

It is amazing how this simple touch can add wedding day elegance to any outdoor setting, while bringing the space all together with your chosen colors. 

The same fabric will also make a great backdrop to your ceremony.


outdoor rustic wedding flowerse

One of the beautiful things about having your wedding outdoors in the nice weather is the abundance of wild flowers at that time of year. 

Bunches of flowers placed throughout the outdoor space in fun containers such as watering cans, old buckets, wood containers, shoes, jars, bottles will add instant beauty and whimsy to your space.

Other Creative Outdoor Wedding Ideas:


These are a fun detail to bring to your outdoor wedding.  They look amazing in photos.  Create magic when you set up a shot where the bride and groom run through the gauntlet of guests with sparklers as they leave their reception.

outdoor rustic wedding sparklers

Mason Jar Drink Bar: 

Choose one or two ‘Signature” drinks. Display the drinks on a rustic setting.  Allow your guests to keep their mason jar glasses as a wedding souvenir.

rustic wedding catering south county museum narragansett ri

Lawn Games:Lawn Games can be the perfect addition to a rustic wedding reception.

What a great way to get family and friends to mingle! Lawn games bring out the playfulness in everyone! 

wedding ring toss

Instagram the Fun:

Set up a hashtag so all your guests can share and enjoy the candid shots from your event.

instagram hashtag wedding

Pig Roast:

When we pull up with our smokers, your guests will know that there is something special going on at your event. Catered Pig Roasts are hugely popular; they’re like an event within an event! Our custom-built, covered cookers are awesome and allow us to cook in any weather. The pig is roasted to perfection! Guests love to observe this process.

Lobster Bake:

Well, of course, this is one of our favorites.  There seems to be no end to fun ideas to go along with an outdoor lobster bake wedding theme.  Check out some of the ones that we have found on our Lobster Wedding Pinterest Board  

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Need more ideas? Check in with our event planning professionals.  They can help you find exactly what you might need for your outdoor wedding.

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