Outdoor wedding fun n’ games.
Lawn games are being offered as entertainment at many outdoor weddings. Jenga, corn hole toss, ladder golf and more. Clambakes and barbecues are perfect for outdoor weddings.

Every year, we at B&M Catering meet with lots and lots of folks throughout New England to discuss their wedding plans. One of the most common questions that these folks want to know is how can they add more fun to their outdoor wedding.  This is such a great question and it’s an important question, too, for anybody who is planning their wedding reception to be held outdoors. The truth is, B&M Catering has the privilege and honor of catering weddings and other events indoors, as well as outdoors, all year round. But, outdoor weddings are some of our favorite summertime events.

Outdoor weddings just have so much potential. Wouldn’t you agree? With nature surrounding you and your guests, you can make the celebration as formal or as laid-back as you’d like! We’ve had the great privilege of catering hundreds of outdoor weddings, so we get to see lots of creative ideas.

We are particularly intrigued by the idea of lawn games being offered as entertainment as many of these outdoor events.  We’ve seen giant “Jenga”, corn hole toss, ladder golf and “Kan Jam”.  Some of the outdoor weddings will also offer their guests an open air photo booth or potato sacks for races.

outdoor wedding games

photo courtesy Siagel Productions, Newton, MA

Need more ideas? Check in with our event planning professionals.  They can help you find exactly what you might need for your outdoor wedding.

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