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Catering weddings, reunions, birthdays, corporate events and more – all across New England.

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Since its establishment in 1984, B&M Catering has been a beacon of culinary excellence in New England. With a rich history spanning almost four decades, B&M Catering has evolved into a trusted name when it comes to catering weddings, reunions, birthdays, corporate events, and more.

What sets B&M Catering apart is its unwavering commitment to delivering the freshest seafood and fish, perfectly cooked BBQ, and a wide range of mouthwatering specialties.
All of which can be customized to suit your event’s unique requirements. It is not just about food though; it’s about creating an experience of a lifetime for your next event.
We will delve into what sets B&M apart by focusing on the holistic event experience we offer.

A Holistic Approach to Event Success

While delicious food is undoubtedly a crucial component of any event, at B&M we understand that the overall experience is what truly sets an occasion apart.
It’s about the ambiance, the service, and the attention to detail that make your event memorable.
B&M takes a holistic approach to event success, ensuring that every aspect is carefully curated to match your vision.

Ambiance and Atmosphere

The ambiance and atmosphere of an event play a significant role in creating lasting memories.
B&M goes above and beyond by offering services that transform your chosen venue into a space that reflects your style and theme.
Whether you dream of an elegant, romantic wedding or a vibrant, energetic corporate event,
we can advise on the right settings and make sure the overall atmosphere turns your vision into reality.

A Legacy of Excellence

B&M Catering’s journey began in 1984 with a simple goal: to provide exceptional catering services that elevate every event.
Over the years, this commitment to excellence has become the company’s hallmark.

With nearly four decades of experience, B&M has mastered the art of crafting memorable dining experiences that cater to a diverse range of events, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.

Customizable Menus for Every Occasion – People and Places

One of the key factors that make us stand out is their ability to offer completely customizable menus. Whether you’re planning a New England-style clambake, a sumptuous seafood feast, or a classic BBQ extravaganza.
We can tailor our offering to match your event’s theme and preferences.
This flexibility ensures that your menu perfectly aligns with your vision, creating a memorable dining experience for you and your guests.

The Freshest Seafood and Fish

New England is renowned for its seafood, and we take full advantage of the region’s bounty.
Our commitment to sourcing the freshest seafood and fish ensures that your event’s dishes are of the highest quality.
From succulent lobster and shrimp to delectable clams and oysters.
B&M’s seafood selection is a testament to our dedication to providing the best flavors of the sea.

new england clambake delivery

Juicy BBQ Cooked to Perfection

For those who crave the smoky and savory goodness of BBQ. we at B&M are masters of the grill.
Our BBQ offerings are cooked to perfection, with tender meats that are infused with the rich flavors of hardwood smoke.
Whether you prefer pulled pork, brisket, ribs, or chicken, B&M’s BBQ menu options will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

superbowl catering bbq ribs

Traditional Specialties

We also pays homage to New England’s culinary traditions by offering beloved regional specialties. Clambakes and the famous stuffies (stuffed quahogs) and clam cakes.
These traditional favorites are lovingly prepared by B&M’s skilled chefs, ensuring that you and your guests savor the authentic tastes of New England.

new england clam chowder shooters appetizers

Exceptional Service – People and Places

Apart from their delectable cuisine, we are known for our exceptional service.
Just don’ take our words for it, check yourself on our testimonials page.
Our experienced and professional staff are dedicated to making your event a success.
From menu planning to execution, our team will work closely with you to ensure that every detail is taken care of, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special occasion without any worries.

Memorable Events for the Ages – People and Places

Choosing B&M for your event means ensuring that it will be a success for the ages.
Our expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to customization create a recipe for unforgettable experiences.
Whether you’re hosting a romantic wedding, a lively family reunion, a milestone birthday celebration, or a corporate event. We got the culinary prowess and experience to exceed your expectations.

Closing thoughts and more..

In the world of event catering, B&M stands out as a true experts.
With a legacy of excellence dating back to 1984, we have consistently delivered the freshest seafood, mouthwatering BBQ, and traditional New England specialties.
Our customizable menus ensure that your event’s dining experience is tailored to your unique vision.

When you choose B&M, you’re not just booking a catering service; you’re securing a guarantee of success for your special occasion.
So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today, sit back, and prepare to enjoy a special event for the ages, one that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.