Perfect valentines day stay at home dinner

Perfect valentines day stay at home dinner

Valentine’s Day.

The day of love.

Here at B&M, we look at February 14th as a day to celebrate love, in all its forms. The love of cooking, love for family and friends, the love you feel for the simple joys in life…

or the love we have for clambakes!

To celebrate this day of love, we would love nothing more than to be a part of your special night, with whoever you spend it with. For this, we propose our Clambakes for Two! 

Within the convenience and comfort of your own home, you can set up the makings for a 5-star meal. Simply call B&M, or place your order online, and pick up your meal in its very own cooking pot! Head home, and set the ambience.

If you’re planning a romantic dinner, dim the lights, set up some candles, and play some music in the background. Now, you can have the meal prepped, cooked, and ready to go, or you can invite your guest to join in on the fun!

We’ve designed our Clambakes To Go to be an experience we believe will add to the overall allure of the night! 


Here’s what Katie had to say:

B&M’s clam and lobster boil pick up and cook with options for a customizable small number of meals was perfect!!! We also got ribs and some sides as we have one person with a shellfish allergy.
The food was all sooooo good!!!!

Delicious, easy to reheat (they gave us all the directions and tips and tricks), easy to cook the boil.

They answered all of my many questions with patience and were super helpful. Price was also really great for such great food!

Totally worth the quick drive from Boston to RI to pick up.

We will definitely go back and highly recommend them!” – Katie

Thanks, Katie! Staying in can always be just as special as a night out. In many ways, it can be more intimate. No distractions, having to drive, just you and your loved one. So let us take the worry out of planning your Valentine’s Day meal, and just focus on what matters. Each other.

Our clambakes-to-travel may be a convenient and delicious option for you this year. You will pick up our clambake-to-travel in its very own cooking pot. 

Perfect valentines day stay at home dinner

Inside the pot will be lobster, steamers, mussels, chorizo, corn on the cob, red bliss potatoes & onions.

Once you have created the romantic ambiance of your choice, the only thing you will need to do to prepare the meal is add water and put it on the stovetop.

In under an hour, you and your date will be enjoying a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two.

Clambakes-to-travel are available for pick-up at our kitchen in Pawtucket, RI.  We have a large variety of meals available on our Pick up and delivery menus

This year, we are noticing that a couple of popular choices for at-home dining is our Land and Sea Dinner Package and the Barbecue Combo

Whichever romantic meal you order this year, Don’t forget our famously famous and oft-requested cornbread.

We wish you a very sweet and memorable Valentine’s Day this year. 

Clambakes to Go, other than love, they’re all you need for the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner!

Order Your Clambake-to-Travel now.