Planning a graduation party checklist. In the following checklist, we share all the must-do for a successful graduation party event.

This summer season brings more than sunshine and a break from school.
Time to prepare for that graduation party! Graduates worked hard for that degree. Now it’s time for you, the party planner, to do some homework of your own.

Start by studying our complete party preparation guide for throwing an A+ graduation bash.
As you may know, preparing the ideal party isn’t simple. No worries, at B&M we’re here to assist
By being organized and following the advised schedule below, you can throw a graduation party for your important invitee that will make them feel liked and proud of their accomplishments.

twister graduation game planning a graduation party checklist

ONE MONTH before the graduation celebration

Pick a date that works best — it does not need to be the weekend of the graduation event.

  • Settle your visitor list.
    — Don’t be afraid to invite friends and family who live far away. Even if they can’t make it, they can still send out a gift for the brand-new grad!

    — Ask the graduate for a list of school pals, teachers or professors he or she would like to invite.

  • Find a picture of the graduate for your custom-made party invites. Attempt to get them in the mail about 3 weeks in advance.
  • Make reservations for party camping tents, B&M catering company, any big activity/entertainment pieces, and so on.

THREE WEEKS prior to the graduation party

  • Put together a food and drinks menu/grocery list. (Or ask our B&M professional team to do it, we can advise on the best choices among our menus, or help create a custom option for your event)

    — Expect about 75% of guests to attend.
    Hors-d’oeuvres are strongly suggested for this type of event.

  • Let your party stand out from the rest by ordering custom cups, napkins, coasters and plates.
    — Uncertain how many to buy? Ask B&M!

  • Strategic celebration decors and table centerpieces.

TWO WEEKS prior to the graduation celebration

  • Make music plans (speakers, iPod dock, playlist, karaoke, and so on).
  • Create a slideshow or frame a few of your favorite photos of the graduate.
  • Build a huge postcard or purchase a visitor book for celebration visitors to sign.
  • Get creative with customized gift bags and customized gift tags!

ONE WEEK before the graduation party

  • Monitor the weather forecast and prepare beforehand as needed.
  • Make a list of equipment you still need (chairs, tables, camping tent, and so on).
  • Discover lawn games for entertaining (badminton set, Frisbee, croquet, bocce ball, and so on).

ONE– TWO DAYS prior to the graduation celebration

  • Completely clean your house and trim the yard. (In case you are not booking a venue)
  • Check the weather report once again and make room inside if essential.
  • Prepare the tables, camping tent and decor.
  • Charge your video camera/phone device and ensure you have a lot of storage for more photos/videos.
  • Notify the next-door neighbors about the party and parking situation– or extend an invite!
  • Set out several big trash cans with extra bags in the bottom.


  • (In case you want us to take care only of the side meals or part of the catering)
    Prepare the remaining food.
  • Keep cold food in the fridge until the very first visitors get there. (we can take care of this for you)
  • Label coolers and fill them with beverages and a lot of ice.
  • Establish a table for graduation presents, card boxes, and celebration favors.
  • Check restrooms for toilet paper, towels, customized matchbooks, toothpicks, etc.
  • Get lawn games ready for party guests.
  • Tie balloons or custom ribbons to the mailbox.
  • Turn on the music.
  • Offer your graduate a huge hug and attempt not to sob.

– – -.

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Use our to-do checklist below to optimize your task scheduling!
You can just paste the above items to it or create your custom checklist.