the perfect company outing

Planning the perfect company outing is a great way to thank devoted employees for their day-to-day efforts and dedication. It can be viewed as a welcome break from the daily work routine, allows teams to build bonds, and feel appreciated. In order to free yourself up and enjoy the day of the outing, preparation and planning are key.

Today, we share a few helpful tips to guide you in planning a fun-filled day away for your staff.

Plan in Advance

Advance planning can be six months out for some groups. Granting yourself this time enables you to address any special requests or suggestions your teammates might have (i.e., dietary requirements, easily accessed location, etc.). Be sure to give your team plenty of notice once the date is picked as this ensures no one is accidentally excluded or left in the dark. 

Pick Your Venue

As they say, “location, location, location”! If you want to secure an ideal location, your chances are better when you reserve it well in advance. Whichever venue you select, keep in mind that the atmosphere of that venue sets the mood. The chosen location should reflect the likes of your team members and meet any activity needs you have planned.

In addition, the venue can pick can play a significant role in how successfully the event agenda rolls out (i.e., space for activities, room for catering, etc.).

Select Your Caterer

When determining the menu, you’ll want to consider any specific dietary needs of your team members. Whether they are vegetarian or have food allergies, working with a caterer that allows for customization is best and makes planning a breeze. Don’t forget to keep your budget in mind, and work with your caterer on dishes that everyone can enjoy! 

B & M Catering is happy to offer full-service catering for events like yours, and we are ready to customize a menu to meet everyone’s needs.

Please contact us with your questions, as we are always happy to provide a quote and work with our customers!