Pleasingly Practical Pantry

Pleasingly Practical Pantry


• Have a home for every item in pantry

• Label those homes

• Return items to same spot every time

• Purchase only what will fit in the pantry 

• Adjust shelves to prevent stacking items on top of other items

• Contain smaller items in appropriate containers

• Clean out expired items at lease twice a year

• Organize pantry after each trip to the grocery store

This piece was submitted by Janine Cavanaugh, CPO® 

Certified Professional Organizer®

Organizing spaces, places, and stuff 

Janine has been working with clients throughout  Massachusetts and Rhode Island to help them create a more functional, effective and productive environment in their homes. 

Janine believes that one of the keys to a successful holiday gathering is to have control over your environment.  With this thought in mind, she shares these tips with us.


This Pleasingly Practical Pantry recipe has been posted as a part of our Thanksgiving Celebration.  

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