Review: B&M Catering provided lobsters and steak tips, along with a full menu, to 150 guests at the Gurnet in Plymouth,MA

We would like to share some kind words we recently received from one of summer 2013 brides.  We catered her wedding in August at the very interesting venue called The Gurnet in Plymouth, MA.  The place was pretty amazing, as it is located at the end of a peninsula at the entrance to Plymouth Bay. The location was a really cool place for a wedding celebration. The 150 guests were served lobsters and steaks, along with a full menu including corn bread, salad, New England clam chowder, corn-on-the-cob and more.

lobster wedding

Here is what Drew had to say: 

B&M Catering is AMAZING!

We used B&M for our wedding reception (both food & bar) and we are glad we did! They went above and beyond from day one. We live in the Midwest but our wedding was back East where we grew up, so most of our planning was done through email and they were always prompt in getting back to us.  No question was too small and they made you feel like you were the only function they had!

A unique aspect about our reception site is that at this location everything is run off of solar power or generators. Also, we didn’t have running water right on site. Not to add to the challenge but to get out to the site, they had to worry about the tides, dirt roads & a super sharp turn that most cars have trouble with! They handled it all with ease!

We had decided on the New England Lobster Bake and we had almost every guest come up to (including couples that had just been married this year!) and tell us that hands down, “best wedding food ever!” 🙂 We can’t speak highly enough of Brian, Mickey, Tim and their team! We hope we have another special event in the future so that we can connect with B&M again!


Lobster wedding

Thanks, Drew.  We hope we get to celebrate many more happy occasions with you and your family and friends. 

At B&M Catering, weddings are a piece of cake!