Social distance picnic catering.

Although this summer may look different than years prior, there are still plenty of opportunities to make the most of these sunny summer days. 

Social distance picnicking is an ideal solution for bringing together a small group of friends or family while being mindful of social distancing. Picnics rank higher on the list of low-risk activities since they occur outdoors. The set-up allows you to spend time with those you love (and missed!) while maintaining the space needed between yourself and others. The best part? You still get all the perks of a perfect picnic, including chowing down on delicious food under the warm summer sun.

Social distance picnic catering


But before you pack that picnic basket and blanket, here are a few tips on how to picnic safely:


Social distance picnic. Consider the location of your picnic.

Think about having it in your backyard or a neighborhood green space instead of a popular park. Parks are more likely to be crowded. If you do opt for a public park, check open and close times and scout out areas in advance that will give you the space you need away from crowds.

Keep it safe.

Be sure to bring personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies like face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and anything else you may need. 

Bring Your Blankets & Chairs.

Accept the possibility that picnic tables could be closed temporarily, so plan to bring blankets or lawn chairs to sit on. The bigger your picnic blanket, the easier it is to spread out and give everyone their space. 

Ready to Eat!

Ah, the food, our favorite! Prioritize food that requires little preparation onsite, as soap and water for handwashing will probably be limited. You may want to prepare your dishes beforehand and have them in disposable, ready to go containers. Along with single-serve plates, utensils, etc…or hop onto our Clambakes to Travel Page for some super simple, super delicious picnic curbside pick-up solutions! We can make this part super simple and super delish!

When the laughs have wrapped, and the picnic is over, remember to clean up your space and leave things better than the way you found them. It is a great way to show gratitude to nature for giving us the ability to celebrate together in a safe, summer-vibe kind of way!