Summer surf fun.

What could be better fun for your family reunions and other outdoor celebrations than a clambake or barbecue by the ocean. You’ve got to check out these Slyde Handboards for your fun in the surf.

Summertime is the perfect time for oceanside parties  

Folks are enjoying family reunions, casual weddings, company outings or just about any excuse to have a clambake or barbecue by the seashore.

We recently learned about a brand new kind of fun for our surf-lovin’ customers.  The Slyde Handboard is nothing like you’ve ever seen before….. but wait, maybe it is.  It kind of looks like those fast food trays that we’ve all seen in school cafeterias. To most, the fast food tray is nothing more than a handy device to carry your takeaway food over to the old rusty, immovable table on the beachfront boardwalk. However, to a 14-year-old spending his or her day on the beach, those trays mean so much more.

Slyde surfboards

As a kid, Steve, founder of Slyde, would spend most of his summer days with his friends, generally making nuisances of themselves and dreaming up all sorts of “wave riding” apparatuses from fast food trays to the trusty old flip-flop (yes, believe it or not, you can surf a wave with a shoe). It was the lowly food tray that held the throne in the quest for wave-riding perfection. Tray hunting was serious business back in the day, and the need for the perfect ride often outweighed the need to not be chased down the beach by flailing armed restaurant staff.

slyde handboard

The lift and extra speed these improvised handboards provided were the driving forces that inspired a line of boards to enhance the bodysurfing experience and the birth of Slyde Handboards. The folks at Slyde tell us that the board is incredibly simple to master.
Their advanced design, with increased buoyancy, will give you the longest ride you will ever have on a handboard. Handboard the day away!

slyde handboard catching waves

Check out a video here to see how people using these handboards all around the world.

We can’t wait to see these handboards in use when we cater our events by the seashore.

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