Maid of Honor Duties: The Ultimate Guide

The maid of honor’s responsibilities aren’t what they used to be. In case you didn’t notice, wedding celebrations are rather different than they were when our mommies were young.
In the remote past bridesmaids acted as decoys for the new bride in case of an attempted kidnapping!
Given that most bridesmaids currently are more girls squad than ransom money lure, serving as the new bride’s No. 1 implies you’ll be with it in a whole new way.

Who is the maid of honor?

The maid of honor supervises the bachelorette party as well as the bridal shower in addition to leading the remainder of the bridesmaids throughout the preparation journey all the way to the day of the wedding. A bride will usually ask a sister, relative, or best friend to be her maid of honor.

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Maid of Honor Duties: The Ultimate Guide

Ahead, you’ll find a checklist of all the maid of honor tasks a bride may expect of you before the wedding as well as during it. Take a look below, and also prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime.

Important Maid of honor duties checklist

maid of honor duties

Before the Wedding celebration

Maid of honor is a huge assignment, and it begins long prior to the wedding day– basically the minute you’re asked. Here’s what you will be probably expected to do in the months leading up to the centerpiece.

Be available

The maid of honor should juggle a balance between being helpful, not overwhelming. As the maid of honor, you should have a better than anyone else understanding of the bride than anyone else.
When the bride asks her friend to be the maid of honor. The maid of honor should then start discussing with the bride how exactly she can best support her throughout the wedding planning process.
Being upfront about wishes and duties will certainly clear up whether the maid of honor must regularly check-in without being reminded.
Going over the degree of involvement and support in advance while keeping in mind the relationships the bride might need to steer with family members.

Remember to have fun

While the main maid of honor commitment is to the bride. Don’t forget to find the moments to enjoy. You can spend an afternoon at the spa. Then head over to some clubs or do anything you and the rest of the squad enjoy. The bride is first and also foremost your friend. That’s what you need to take most seriously throughout the planning procedure. Remember that you must support and love your friend unconditionally.


Before getting started with any type of planning for the bachelorette party or bridal shower. Have a talk with the various other bridesmaids to see just how much they can manage to afford.
Don’t assume they’ll have the ability to join the bandwagon after you already have a girls’ holiday to Haway scheduled in the books.

Go Wedding Dress Purchasing

Ah, wedding dress purchasing, is possibly the most awaited occasion aside from the event itself.
Assist the new bride say “yes” to the outfit by accompanying her to the fitting and sharing with her your straightforward opinion.
As she steps from fitting room to fitting room, offer to help zip her up as well as hang dresses back on their hangers.

Order Your Outfit in a timely manner

The last thing you want is to find out the dress will not arrive by the wedding day.
Be sure to purchase it as quickly as you can so you can buy time for alterations as well as quality time in your wardrobe.

Be the point of contact

Take in as much wedding celebration information as you can, and allow the various other bridesmaids, the bride’s members of the family, and even guests to rely on you with any type of questions they might have. This will certainly spare the bride a great deal of time and the tension of responding to text messages as well as emails about the events schedule and location.

Prior to choosing when and also where the bridal shower, as well as the bachelorette event, will be, ask the bride for her availability. After that, send out an online survey to the bridal party, so you can assess when you will be certain to have the most people attending.

Send Out an Introductory Email to the Bridesmaids

Include all the other bridesmaids in the intro email that introduces each of you and includes everybody’s contact info. That way, everyone can get acquainted before the bachelorette celebration occurs.

Act as Peacekeeper At the Bridal Event

As the maid of honor, you’ll be in charge of peacekeeping at the bridal party. On top of that, you’ll be appointing tasks concerning any kind of pre-wedding arrangements and responding to any kind of inquiries the bridesmaids might have regarding the wedding-day schedule. Make sure the bridesmaids know they can come straight to you with any inquiries, questions, or problems. You can then note them down, respond to whatever you can, and bring the remaining ones to the bride when she has less on her plate.

Help With DIY Projects

Does the bride require aid addressing wedding celebration invitations or DIY-ing her centerpieces or favors? Volunteer to help plan a wedding event DIY craft night, complete with her preferred bubbly.

Plan the Bachelorette Celebration

Prepare to be the lead when preparing the bridal shower and bachelorette event.
From connecting to relatives as well as bridesmaids to assisting with the nuts and bolts of preparation and also maintaining everyone’s budget plans in mind. You’ll quickly become the go-to event organizer during the wedding process. The celebration you plan must be a hit for the bride. Don’t feel pressured to create an event just for the sake of social media.

Come in with a Wedding Celebration Survival Kit

For every single wedding celebration occasion you attend, bring along a pack of bridesmaid basics like medicals, etc…and also various other last-minute mini-emergency items that are frequently needed.

Monitor Gifts Received

If the bride-to-be decides to open up presents at her wedding shower, you’ll need to keep track of who gave her what. One typically neglected obligation, that the bride will actually truly appreciate, is keeping a checklist of who gave what at the wedding shower, to make sure that the bride can quickly send out thank-you notes.

Prepare a Speech for the Reception

Some brides choose to have just relatives give speeches at their functions.
Others pass up speeches entirely. As the maid of honor, you must always be available to deliver- and possibly not embarrass her during it.
Try to come in prepared by jotting down ideas months prior to the wedding and afterward invest a couple of weeks before the big day draws close putting whatever together.

Choose the Songs

Among the last things, the bride will have on her to-do list is coming up with a reception playlist. Have a fun girl’s night out, where you enjoy some tunes, drink some wine, and unwind.

Packing for the Honeymoon

If the bride is overwhelmed the week prior to her wedding, offer to assist her with any 11th-hour items on her to-do list, you can help with her honeymoon luggage or swing by the store for a swimsuit or bottle of sunscreen.

Keep Every Little Thing Moving

While there’s a planner to take the helm when it pertains to the wedding timeline– consisting of all the events leading up to the wedding celebration– you need to still make an effort to take care of whatever is within your reach.

Day of the Wedding celebration

This is the big day, and the maid of honor’s duty is a 24-hour job. Here’s what to do the day of.

Hand over Any Reception Products

If things like toasters, the couple’s book, candles, seating cards, or wedding celebration supports have actually not already been dropped off at the ceremony and/or reception locations.
You should add it to your to-dos on the morning of the wedding event.

Maintain the Bridal Collection Spick and Span

As soon as all the bridesmaids are done preparing themselves, it’s your job to make sure they remove their personal belongings from the bridal room, to ensure that the couples don’t return to a mess at the end of the night.

Enjoy Every Moment

Primarily, one of your maid of honor duties must be to maintain the bride-to-be as relaxed as possible by giving emotional support. Wedding celebrations are an emotional time. A new bride assigns her maid of honor as her most revered adviser to cooperate with all the feelings of preparation and celebrating a wedding celebration. Additionally, you’ll likewise intend to assist the bride revel in excitement. Keep the feelings up by uncorking a bottle of Champagne while getting ready as well as having a toast with the entire bride squad prior to the event.

Make Sure the Bride Remembers to Eat

Throughout the day– as well as certainly, prior to taking off the bridal suite– you ought to check in regularly to see if the bride needs something to munch on. While she might be as well excited to think about food, a protein-rich snack will certainly help repel appetite pains.

The new bride might not have a proper meal up until the function later, so a little a.m. snack will certainly go a long way on this marathon day. Ask her to share a few of her best treats (be it croissants, potato chips, or granola bars) to ensure that you can have the bridal suite completely stocked.

Be the Drink Police

If the bridesmaids intend on having a sip or two of bubbly with the bride while they get glam, it’s the maid of honor’s obligation to ensure everyone enjoys and doesn’t overdo it. Make certain there’s water as well as snacks readily available, also.

Assist the Mother of the New bride

Don’t forget the bride’s mother. From helping with her hair and also makeup to shuttling her water, and snacks, as well as sips of Champagne, the bride’s mom has needs, too. If you or the bride suspect that she may, err, or hinder some things, make sure to have a list of plans B to keep her active.
Activities may include welcoming guests, unwinding with her good friends for a pre-ceremony cocktail, or doing a final walk-through to make certain all the deco is properly set.

Pitch in With Social Networks

The bride will likely want the morning of her wedding event to be as unwinded and quiet as possible. Ask her first of course, however, this may be a great opportunity to snap behind the curtains shots of the toasts and, tears of joy, as well as also the moment she slips on her gown. The maid of honor can help keep the party going by publishing and also tagging on social networks. The new bride normally isn’t able to snap pictures on the special day.

Don’t Let the Bride and Her Groom Cross Paths

Help the bride by watching out for her partner if they’re in with the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. Touch base with the wedding event organizer or coordinator to make certain both don’t cross courses prior to the devoted moment. If the bride and her partner opt to trade presents ahead of the wedding celebration, do them a favor by making the exchange swift as well as smooth.

Help the Bride Get Dressed

It’s no small task to aid the bride as she puts on perhaps the most expensive and also intricate gown she’ll ever wear in her life. You’ll wish to make sure every little thing is outlined beforehand, from underwear to shoes to precious jewelry, so there’s no last-minute scrambling to find that jewelry or an additional pair of hose.

Offer Help in the Lady’s

This isn’t the most extravagant task, however, the bride-to-be will value it. She’ll likely need a little assistance getting her gown, heels, and hair into the lady’s room for a last go before the ceremony begins. It’ll be a moment full of laughter and undoubtedly some difficult maneuvers, yet it certainly gives BFF a whole new meaning.

Be the Bride Personal Stylist

Do not shy away from leaping right in as well as lend a hand during the getting-ready procedure, especially if the bride does not have a coordinator or stylist to assist.
From steaming wrinkles to making sure the veil is properly placed, there’s no shortage of details to watch out for.

Have Your Hair and also Make-up Ready

Arrive at the wedding with your beauty look already checked by the bride and have photos for the stylists. By doing this, you can guide other participants of the bridal event on how they must want to assist to move the whole process along.

Keep the Ring Safe

Throughout the event, normally it’s one of the best man’s responsibilities to keep the wedding bands till the time for vows. But there’s a likelihood you’ll be in charge of safekeeping one of those valuable rings at some time on the wedding day. Make certain to protect it with your life.

Care for the Flowers

As soon as the bride walks down the aisle, offer to volunteer to hold her bouquet of flowers. After she says “I do,” you can hand the bouquet back to her to hold as she walks up the aisle.

Make sure the Bride Drinks Enough Water

As the maid of honor, you should keep the bride hydrated from the start until the very last dance.
Make sure to consult the bride about her preference- sparkling or still– and advise her to take a couple of sips of H2O throughout the day. Doing so will certainly maintain her energy levels and fend off any hangovers that could hinder the morning-after breakfast.

Round Up Buddies and Family Members for the Wedding Celebration Pictures

Trying to gather members of the family to take posed shots prior to or after the event can get chaotic.
You can be an extra hand in moving the process along.

Keep Tabs on the Wedding Event Gifts

Help the bride out by making certain all her wedding event gifts, checks, and also cards end up in her car or hotel space at the end of the day.

Dance With the Bride

You have actually made it to the celebration when with a hint of luck all the planning stress and anxiety has actually faded. Now it’s time to have fun on the ballroom flooring– get the bride, your OG dancing partner, for lots of boogying to your favored jams. Selfies approved.

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