Hi Stephanie & Team,

I thought I’d send this photo of my Mom, Sharon, with The Fresh Lobster, who they named Lenny.

The first picture is at Cardiff Castle, Wales.

the fresh lobster in england


This trip was her retirement gift from her sister and they brought Lenny everywhere!

They visited England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

the fresh lobster in england -crystal


After hanging around at Waterford Crystal, Lenny took some time to journal.

the fresh lobster in england

They had a fabulous time and the rest of their tour group got a kick out of Lenny the Lobster! 

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as my Mom and Aunt enjoyed taking them.



B&M Catering’s mascot “The Fresh Lobster” has been all over the world with our friends. View his photo album.

If you are planning a trip, let us know.  We would love to send The Fresh Lobster along to accompany you. It could be kind of fun, and we’d love more pictures !!  Drop us an Email and let us know where to send your Fresh Lobster friend.  If your picture is chosen as the photo of the month, we will send you a Fresh Lobster T- Shirt.