The fresh lobster. A crisp, Autumn day. The perfect time to visit Southie and the ever popular Fort Independence on Castle Island.

Castle Island South Boston Harbor

Photo Credit – Sullivan’s Castle Island, South Boston

Castle Island

Castle Island is a great place to walk, bike ride, run or roller blade. It is a 22 acre recreational site and has been connected to the mainland since the 1930s, when streetcars brought bathers to Pleasure Bay.   There are great views of Logan Airport. (The planes fly so close overhead, you can practically see the passengers in the windows!) There are a number of parks, playgrounds and beaches along the way.


Sullivan’s south Boston

First stop, Sullivan’s, an old-fashioned takeout restaurant that is located on beautiful Boston Harbor. Hidden Boston tells us: “Sullivan’s has been a fixture of Castle Island in South Boston for ages. In fact, Sullivan’s is to Southie what the landmark Kelly’s Roast Beef is to Revere Beach. But oddly enough, while nearly everyone in Boston has been to Kelly’s (or at least knows about it), Sullivan’s is still relatively unknown to people who live west and north of the city.”

Fort Independence, Castle Island, South Boston

Next, a visit to Fort Independence. This is the oldest continuously fortified site in  North America having had a military presence from 1634 through World War II. The existing granite fort was constructed between 1833 and 1851. Fort Independence was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1970.  Well, for us, it was a great place to play catch with the our dog.

the fresh lobster in england

Across from the fort is a large pier, crowded by fishermen attempting to catch the many fish species that are chased into the harbor.
The large granite obelisk near the pier is a memorial to Donald McKay. He was a famous Bostonian who was known as a builder of clipper ships, large sailing vessels, of the mid 1800’s.  

Castle Island South Boston Harbor

We continued along to the HarborWalk at Castle Island.  It was a chilly, but sunny walk with beautiful ocean views.  Cormorants and seagulls floated along the shore.  

This was a really great way to spend a morning with a friend.  Fresh air, history, excercise and good conversation.  We highly recommend a visit to Castle Island in South Boston.