Vegetarian Catering: You can substitute any of our vegetarian entrees for the entree items on your menu, and we’ll still include all your favorite side dishes.

vegetarian catering options

Q: I have a couple of vegetarian guests. Without designing a menu around them, do you have any good options?

While we sure do cater a lot of BBQs, Pig Roasts and Luaus here at B & M, we also keep our vegetarian friends in mind! In fact, you can substitute any of our vegetarian entrees for the entree items on your menu, and we’ll still include all your favorite side dishes.

This way, the meat-eaters and herbivores at your gathering can all enjoy themselves as one happy family around the table.

 Take a peek at some of our vegetarian options below, including hearty entrees, mouthwatering apps, soups, salads and sides (like our famous corn bread)! 

Stationary Appetizers – Vegetarian catering options

  • Nacho Chips
  • Crudite
  • Assorted Cheese & Crackers
  • Fresh Fruit Tray
  • Hummus & Tabouli  

Appetizers by the Piece 

  • Tomato Mozzarella Skewers
  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Fresh Fruit Skewers with yogurt dip
  • Red Roasted Pepper & Ricotta Pinwheels
  • Pineapple & Ricotta Pinwheels
  • Spanakopita
  • Bruschetta in Phyllo Cup
  • Spring Rolls
  • Black Bean and Corn Salsa Mini-Tacos

Soups & Salads – Vegetarian catering options

  • Gazpacho
  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Homemade Corn Chowder
  • Caesar Salad
  • Harvest Salad
  • Garden Salad
  • Cherry Bomb Salad
  • Mandarin Orange & Toasted Almond Salad
  • Greek Salad
  • Watermelon Salad

Rolls & Bread

  • Homemade Corn Bread

  • Assorted Rolls

  • Brown Bread

  • Blueberry Bread

  • Banana Bread

  • Apple Bread

Main Dishes – Vegetarian catering options

  • Mushroom Napoleon: A grilled Portabella covered with grilled red onion, fresh basil, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash & crumbled feta cheese

  • Veggie Lasagna: served with red sauce 

  • Veggie Jambalaya


  • Potato Salad (variety of types)
  • Pasta Salad
  • Cole Slaw
  • Tri-Colored Pasta Salad with Pesto
  • Sweet & Spicy Thai Noodles
  • Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Tex-Mex Vegetable Salad
  • Baked Mac ‘N Cheese
  • Gouda Mac ‘N Cheese
  • Oven Roasted Potatoes
  • Whipped Potatoes
  • Au Gratin Potatoes
  • O’brien Potatoes
  • Red Bliss Potatoes with Onions
  • Baked Beans
  • Cowboy Beans
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Spanish Rice & Black Beans
  • Ziti with Red Sauce
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Grilled Vegetable Medley
  • Fresh String Beans
  • Quinoa with Corn & Black Beans or Garden Veggies

We’re happy to answer any of your questions regarding your menu. Contact us here to Request a Quote for your next gathering