Wedding buffet menus.

If there’s something your guests will bear in mind most around your wedding – besides the bride’s gown, certainly – it’s the FOOD and SERVICE!

Wondering whether to have a sit-down dinner, cocktail party or arrange a buffet?

You are in luck! This guide is all about wedding buffet menus.

Buffets occasionally get a bad rap, as some people believe that a sit-down supper with layered dishes is a more sophisticated alternative. However, in reality, an excellent buffet-style dinner is something to behold!

When we see those long serving tables with endless options we feel like bees diving into pollen filled flowers 🙂

Whether you keep things simple with a standard menu or come up with a fun-themed menu for a casual wedding event, there are unlimited methods to transform a wedding buffet right into a memorable eating experience!

At B&M there are so many kinds of buffet menus to choose from!

Not a problem – choices are great. Let’s explore a few of our favorites.

Ordering and making a reservation is a a breeze, pick a treat and put on your comfy suit – by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be prepared to get your wedding buffet going!

From appetizers to dessert, here’s every little thing you need to know about creating wedding buffet food selections for your wedding day!

No matter what type of wedding event you’re planning, we have all kinds of menu options you’ll love.
We got you covered.
You can create your own and request specific arrangements for diets and more.

Outdoor Wedding Buffet Service Wedding buffet menus
New bride and wedding celebration guests are enjoying buffets.

B&M is here to make your every wish come true!

Going for the classic food selection?

You’ve probably been to lots of buffets and receptions celebrations through the years.

A lot of couples go for them, one of the reasons is that buffets are an easy way to serve plenty of visitors swiftly.

Usually, you see specific foods on a classic wedding buffet menu:

The bright side is that just because these foods are conventional it does not imply they have to be dull. You can keep it traditional and still get creative with your wedding reception menu!

Below’s exactly how you pull off a wonderful traditional buffet:.

Offer your guests great deals and great deals of alternatives while tailoring the menu to suit your style. Keep in mind to include alternatives for vegans and also visitors with dietary constraints.

So if you’re a salad fan, perhaps pick 2 or 3 salad choices. If you love fish and shellfish, serve an array of sea bass, scallops, crab cakes, and also lobster tails. If your favored meal is fried chicken, serve succulent, crispy fried poultry (minus the bucket, obviously).

The point is this:

It’s okay to stick to traditions to make sure everybody goes home to a full belly, yet feel free to personalize your menu nonetheless you desire. Bear in mind, it’s YOUR wedding!

The themed wedding buffet menu

We love a great motif event– as well as a themed food selection and a lot more.

Whether you’re into a particular type of food or wish to highlight the flavors of your heritage as well as culture, a themed buffet is a fun option.

Some popular foods for themed buffets include:

Simply think of what your Italian buffet could look like:

A fresh Caprese salad with mozzarella, two or three pasta, filet medallions, as well as chicken piccata … Starving yet?

We also like the concept of a high-end Mexican buffet filled with lime-cilantro rice, carne asada, and citrus-marinated poultry tacos. YUM!

You might choose a much more specific style, like classic New England dishes. A buffet full of steamed mussels, clams as well as lobster, with oysters as an appetizer.

Who would not enjoy that?

Whichever cuisine you select, remember options for the vegetarians, pescetarians, and vegans in your group of guests.

The more entrees your visitors have to choose from, the better your buffet (and your entire wedding celebration!) will be.

The food stations menu.

food station

Increasingly more couples are picking food bars at their wedding party.

Some consist of one or two throughout the cocktail hour when starters are being served, while others use them instead of conventional buffet tables.

Food stations are enjoyable. They encourage individuals to socialize, as well as they often tend to accelerate the serving process. Food stations usually cause even shorter lines than buffet tables!

Stations are additionally fantastic for serving a wide array of meals.

They can be self-serve stations, such as raw bars, salad terminals, charcuterie tables, and mashed potato bars.
They can be offering stations where a chef cook fresh penne pasta dishes or grill sliders. They can be carving stations where the staff slices beef tenderloin or pork.

The options are countless!

If you’re considering having food stations or a themed food selection why not having them both?

You can have BOTH.

It’s very easy to transform individuals stations into themed stations that all focus on one sort of cuisine.

The stations menus.

fruit skewers catering appetizer dessert

Whatever kind of buffet you choose, no wedding event menu is complete without dessert and coffee.

Along with a wedding event cake, numerous couples pick a table loaded with wonderful, delicious treats to savor after the main dish.

If you do a themed buffet, keep the style throughout your dessert course.

For Italian-themed dinners, small tiramisus and profiteroles. For Mexican buffets, offer squares of tres leches cakes as well as meals of fried ice cream.

If you’re doing a Southern motif, make sure you have an essential lime pie, red velvet cupcakes, donuts, and peach cobbler tarts. (Mmm!).

And also even if you do not have a self-serve wedding event supper, you can still produce dessert stations at the end of the function. A gelato sundae bar or a table loaded with cheesecake, cookies, and tiny pastries sounds scrumptious!

A decadent dessert table will definitely wow your guests as well as make your wedding event truly memorable.

Still looking for delicious food?
Look into the B&M menu selection!


Okay, our bellies are officially growling!

Now that you know what an outstanding dinner buffet can look and also taste like, keep an open mind when discovering different food catering solutions or taste-testing the food selection options supplied by your venue.

And remember this:

We can help you! As opposed to focusing on the “menu alternatives” on our site, think about them as plain suggestions!

Tell us what you’re looking for and what your wedding event style will be. Our team of experts will certainly be more than delighted to help out creating the wedding buffet of your dreams.

The more wedding celebrations you go to, the more often they tend to blend together.

But when there’s an impressive selection of food?

Well, THOSE are the wedding you always remember!