wedding catering 2021

As we move through the summer months, many brides and grooms are contending with the daunting task of postponed and rescheduled wedding dates.

As we move through the summer months, many brides and grooms are contending with the daunting task of postponed and rescheduled wedding dates. In light of that, we wanted to offer some helpful tips on the topic.

wedding catering 2021

Whether you have already selected your new date or you are still wrestling with the decision to postpone, know that ultimately your celebration of love will happen.

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These tips can make moving through this unexpected time just a bit easier:

Once you decide to postpone, reach out to your guests immediately.
Although you don’t want to go into panic mode, you still need to act quickly. Be sure to let your guests know right away that you are postponing, and that they will be notified when a new date is selected. Make sure you update your wedding website (if you have one) to keep everyone in the loop with the latest information as it becomes available. 

Contact your venue and vendors.

When planning a wedding, there are SO many little details, from venue and caterer to vendors that are creating your favors. It is vital to communicate your new plans to your vendors as soon as possible to ensure that they are available for your new date (venue/catering). For flowers, favors, etc. – take a moment to evaluate the list of all those elements of your wedding and reach out to those vendors next to alter any dates or personalization to items (i.e., wedding favors).

Communicate with your guests.

Once the new date is set (and confirmed with your venue/caterer), you will want to send out an e-announcement and update your wedding website. Many wedding planners are suggesting a hard copy “Changed the Date!” announcement to be mailed as well with all your updated details. Something simple will do the trick and keep costs down. The invite should contain a link to your wedding website where your guests can find RSVP links and stay in the loop on ongoing updates from that point forward.

There is no need to abandon your original date; celebrate it.

You picked your original date for a reason! It is important to still celebrate it with your partner. Consider some candlelight, dressing up, and ordering up some food. We make it easy with online ordering and curbside pickup. 

Restart your countdown.

Amid the rescheduled wedding chaos, it is easy to lose sight of an important fact…you still will be getting married to the love of your life. Now is the time to restart the countdown, and focus on the ultimate celebration that WILL happen. The moment that both you and your partner say those magic words “I do,” all the stress of the months leading up to it will melt away.

We hope these tips are helpful!

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