Our Wedding catering menus are highlighted by a wedding photographer at the Endicott Estate in Dedham.

We are quite sure that you’ve seen those beautiful wedding blogs. We’ve seen the creative shots of wedding shoes, of wedding dresses, the amazing venues. So many of us tear up over the bride and groom closeups, the first dance, the flower girl.

We’ve found that usually, the photos of the FOOD at the wedding do not evoke QUITE the same emotions.

Unless, of course, you are the caterer.

So, when Promessa Studios sent along photos of the food from Andra and Mike’s wedding at the Endicott Estate in Dedham this past summer, we became quite verkelmpt [Yiddish: choked with emotion]

/wedding-catering-scallops-bacon  wedding-catering-crab-claws
wedding-catering-cornbread-salad  wedding-catering-pig-head-platter
wedding-catering-steak-tips  wedding-catering-serve-turkey-leg
wedding-catering-serve-plate  wedding-catering-steamed-vegetables



We are incredibly grateful to the good folks at Promessa Studios for their generosity of talent and creativity. Be sure to visit their website and Facebook page and give them a thumbs up.

If you’d like to see the more traditional photos from Andra and Mike’s wedding, you can find them on the Without a Hitch website.

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