Super Easy

  • Posted on: 20 September 2013
  • By: Brian and Mick

I can't say and rave enough about the amazing hospitality, generosity and of course delicious food that B&M provides!  I recently hosted an event with them and they were super easy to work with, offered us the world and are extremely affordable.  

They did everything they promised and beyond! From the friendly smile when they showed up and set up shop thru taking away the last bit of trash still with the smiles they arrived with...outstanding!  Out of all the vendors we used for the event they were the only ones who 1) were friendly and 2) did what they were supposed to do!

I would recommend B&M to anyone!

Jean R.
Providence, RI

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Congratulations to September's Beach Blanket winner

  • Posted on: 14 September 2013
  • By: Brian and Mick

Congratulations to Liz C. of Quincy, Massachusetts.

She is this month's winner of the Facebook Fan of the Month Beach Blanket.B&M The Fresh Lobster beach blanket

Liz will be able to use her beach blanket on her autumn outings - apple picking, leaf peeping picnics, or even as a tablecloth for tailgating!

Not available for purchase, our signature beach blankets are awarded to one lucky Facebook Fan each month.

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Tim Walker's Turkey Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

  • Posted on: 5 September 2013
  • By: Brian and Mick

Here you go - You asked for it, and Tim has delivered.  

We know how our fans are always asking for B&M Catering’s front-man, Tim Walker, to share more of his favorite recipes.  In the past, Tim has allowed us to publish his recipes for Quinoa Salad, Horseradish Cream Sauce and other delicious delectables.  

This month, Tim has shared a recipe that is sure to be of interest to a whole bunch of folks. Who doesn't love an excuse to use bacon in a recipe? 

pasta salad

Here is Tim's Turkey Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad Recipe:


-One box tri-color pasta(or any type of pasta you have)

-1 cup Chopped turkey bacon (or real bacon if you want to indulge)

-2 cups frozen peas that have been thawed and drained

-1 cup Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

-1 cup Shredded carrot

-1 cup Ranch dressing (to taste)

-Scallions would be good too - (to taste)

-1 cup Shredded cheddar cheese


Cook your pasta according to the directions on the box.  Make sure not to overcook the pasta.  It's better if the pasta is al dente.  Rinse the cooked pasta in cold water, drain well and set aside.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the vegetables and bacon.  Add the cooked pasta. Pour the Ranch dressing over the mixture and gently stir until everything is evenly coated(feel free to use a little extra ranch if you like your salad creamier).  Transfer the salad to your favorite serving dish and sprinkle cheddar cheese over the entire dish.  Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.  

Be sure to let Tim know if you try out his recipe - and if you made any interesting adjustments to it for you and your family.  We love to find out what our customers are cooking up!

Looking for more family friendly recipes?  Visit our B&M Catering Pinterest page.

This Month's Clambake-to-Travel Winner

  • Posted on: 28 August 2013
  • By: Brian and Mick

Congratulations to Jacqueline B. from Connecticut.

She is the winner of this month's Clambake to Travel give-away.

clambake to go

Jacqueline's meal includes Lobster / Steamers / Mussels / Chourico / Corn on the Cob / Red Bliss Potatoes & Onions packed in rock weed in a reusable pot. All she has to do is add water and put it on the stove top.  In about 20 minutes, Jacqeuline andher guests will be ready to dive in to their Traditional Old Fashioned Clambake.

Enjoy, Jacqueline!

You could become next month's winner.  Simply visit the "Win a Clambake" page to register.
Please, feel free to enter every month.  The more the merrier.    

                                                Good Luck!

Travels with The Fresh Lobster - Running of the Bulls

  • Posted on: 26 August 2013
  • By: Brian and Mick

Running of the Bulls 2013

Well, we sure are glad that Mary Kate was not one of the 23 people who were injured during the 2013 Running of the Bulls.  She looks happy and healthy with our friend, The Fresh Lobster, here on the streets of Pamplona.

We wondered about this annual tradition.  How did something like this even get started?  This is what we learned from Wikipedia:

Spanish tradition says the true origin of the run began in northeastern Spain during the early 14th century. While transporting cattle in order to sell them at the market, men would try to speed the process by hurrying their cattle using tactics of fear and excitement. After years of this practice, the transportation and hurrying began to turn into a competition, as young adults would attempt to race in front of the bulls and make it safely to their pens without being overtaken. When the popularity of this practice increased and was noticed more and more by the expanding population of Spanish cities, a tradition was created and stands to this day.

Thank you, Mary Kate.  We really enjoyed this picture of you and TFL in Spain.  We are sorry to hear that TFL may have gotten lost in the shuffle and excitement. Be sure to contact us in the office and we will send you another TFL to share your world travels.

We really get a kick out of seeing where in the world TFL shows up.  We would love to send The Fresh Lobster along to accompany any of your on your travels. Drop us an Email and let us know where to send your Fresh Lobster friend.  If your picture is chosen as the photo of the month, we will send you a Fresh Lobster T- Shirt!