Little Rhody Vasa Park

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Little Rhody Vasa Park

Little Rhody Vasa Park History.

As the story is told, over fifty years ago, in 1965, a group of Swedes of the Vasa Order (a Swedish-American fraternal order) wanted a place where they could have some of their traditional parties and events.

After getting together to look at pieces of real estate. They purchased a parcel of land on approximately 41 acres on Boswell Trail in Foster, the former site of a camp called Camp Salubrit. It’s been told that the name of the park was decided on because it was like a little bit of Sweden to the people that bought the park.


The park consists of a large, red building with a peaceful pond in the back. Visitors also enjoy making use of the various children’s areas. As well as the other spaces set aside to play basketball, horseshoes, and bocce, among other activities. Here’s how you get there.

This space that can be rented for cookouts, graduation parties, family reunions, weddings & more.  

B&M Catering has been honored to cater a variety of celebrations at this peaceful country venue. Contact us today to begin planning your rustic event. 

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