Do It Yourself Clambakes

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For thirty years now, Brian & Mickey Doherty, the proprietors of the B&M Clambake Co., have been traveling up and down the East Coast and beyond catering clambakes for thousands. Now, you can be your own Bakemaster any time of year with our Clambakes To Travel

Just around the corner from McCoy Stadium, Home of the Pawsox.

$35.99 / MEAL + TAX

Chowders, Ribs, Steak Tips, Salads and more are also available for delivery.
Check out our Pick Up & Delivery menus  for more ideas.

We can also supply disposable bibs, wet naps, napkins, plates, butter & broth cups, utensils, serving utensils, buffet table covering, aluminum serve pans and a metal lobster cracker or two for an additional $2.99 / meal.

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