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Five Reasons to Hire a Bartending Service for Your Company Outing

Summer is the perfect time to plan a company outing. It helps to build morale and camaraderie within your staff.  Our summer season allows for even more venue options with lots of room for outdoor activities. If you decide to offer alcohol at your event, you must consider the liability associated with that decision. Consider hiring a bartending service to manage the event for you.  You will be happy that you did so. 


    We have five great reasons to hire a bartending service for your company outing: 


    1: Reduce Waste and Save Money  

  Based upon the information you have provided to the bartending service coordinator about your event, your guests and your individual preferences, a good bartending service will help you decide on what the best choices are for you to purchase. With the experience of many events behind them, often, the bartending services will end up saving you money on soft drinks, beer, wine and hard alcohol. 

    2: Keep the Good Times Going  

  It seems that at most events, everyone seems to gather around the bar. You will recognize a good bartender because she works with speed and knowledge. Of course, you will expect that she exhibit a pleasant personality to go along with her efficiency in order to manage the line quickly and efficiently. The bartender will always make sure that every guest feels they have received good service.


    3: Get It All Done – With a Smile  

  Set up and clean up should be part of the bartender’s tasks. The bartender sets everything up in plenty of time before the arrival of guests.  She will be ready to great your guests and provide quick and efficient service. This frees you up to greet your guests with full attention. A good bartender is also on top of keeping their area tidy during the party so that there would not be empty glasses and bottles strewn about. At the end of your event, the bartender helps to clean up. 

    4: Serve Responsibly  

  You can trust your bartender to serve responsibly. Experienced bartending staffs can spot someone who has enjoyed a bit too much. She will use her experience and training to discreetly cut someone off, saving you from having to deal with any conflict during the event.  Bartenders can also take care of any issues of serving to minors. They are usually quite good at spotting the young person who is trying to “˜put one over’ on them in order to obtain alcohol. This is particularly important at a company outing where the supervison may not be too tight. 

    5:  Offer Variety  

  Your bartender will know exactly how to properly make a wide variety of adult mixed beverages. Your guests will be pleased to receive their favorite cocktail just the way they like it! 

  As you are planning this year’s company outing remember to consider hiring a professional bartending service in your plans.  This will help to make your event enjoyable for both you and your guests. 

  Call or    contact us     to find out more about    B&M Catering Bar Services.  


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