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6 Summer Company Party Menu Ideas

We’ve been doing this for a long time….and we know how important it is to have Company party menu ideas to plan and organize a company event that helps your team socialize, blow off some steam, and share some good summer fun.

Today, we are sharing 6 company ideas to help you create the perfect summer work party menu.

International Food-Based Theme:

  • We’ve had great success with events that have had themes such as Italian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Mexican, Check in with your employees to see if they have connections with a particular culture and would like to help plan a menu, decorations, and activities.

Beach Themed Company Outing:

Christmas in July – Company party menu ideas:

  • Consider our roll up sandwiches in green (spinach) and red (tomato) wrap bread as one option. There’s even a turkey wrap with cranberry and stuffing on our RollUp Buffet Menu. Round out the menu with fresh fruit and fresh salads to add more color to the event.

BBQ Picnic–Company party menu ideas

  • You just can’t go wrong with a picnic BBQ. This is one of our specialties. We’ll bring the grill, the ingredients, and all the fixin’s. You get to sit back and leave the cooking to us. Add some variety to your offerings with menus such as the Texas Barbecue, the Mixed Grille, or, B&M’s Unabridged (a bit of everything) Barbecue.

Hawaiian Luau

  • Think about how much fun it will be to decorate for a Hawaiian-themed company picnic right here in New England. Now, think about how much your team is going to love the menu. Pulled pork, teriyaki chicken with pineapple, sweet & spicy Thai noodles, mandarin orange & toasted almond salad, and more. Check out our Hawaiian luau menu.

Medieval Banquet–Company party menu ideas:

  • Step back in time to the Middle Ages and party like it’s 1399! If you enjoy tales of King Arthur and Camelot, damsels in distress and knights in shining armor or are fascinated with “Game of Thrones”?, you will revel in our Medieval Banquet. We know that a carefully planned and executed company picnic can help create collaboration, wellness, and other fantastic benefits for your team. Our team has been helping create memorable events here in New England for decades. You can lean on our seasoned professionals to help you craft a menu and service package that is just right for your next company outing.



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